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Respond by analyzing Analyze the possible conditions from your colleagues’ differential diagnoses. Determine which of the conditions you would reject and why. Identify the most likely condition, and justify your reasoning.

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Case scenario # 1

Sibongile M

Week 8, Mpofu Sibongile C


 Review of Case Study # 2 Ankle Pain SOAP Note.

Patient Information: Name: MF

Initials, MF Age: 46-year-old Sex: Female, Caucasian.


CC: “My Ankles Hurts, worse on the right ankle”.

HPI: MF is a 46-year-old Caucasian female who presents to the clinic this morning with bilateral ankle pain, worse on the right foot it hurts and very uncomfortable. She reports pain started two days ago after playing soccer over the weekend, she says she heard a “pop”. It is a throbbing pain, that gets worse when she bears weight on it when standing or walking but gets better when she applies ice and rest with feet elevated. She states the pain as constant all day, associated with swelling. She rates her pain as 3/10 left ankle but right ankle is 7/10.  

Current Medication:

1. Ibuprofen 400 mg x 2 PO 8 hrly prn for pain. Has been taking it for 2 days ago.

2. Tylenol 650 mg PO 6 hourly for pain. Since last night.

3. Ice packs, twice daily for pain.

4. Fish oil 1200 mg PO, HS for pain  

Allergies: No Known allergies to drugs nor food allergies

PMH:  MF is up to date with her immunization, has covid-19 vaccine in June 2022. (Pfizer). Second dose on September 15th, 2022. Tetanus vaccine a year ago but cannot recall the date. Is getting flu vaccine end of the month. Made up history. Sprained her ankle 2 years ago,2020. No previous surgeries.  

Soc History:  She is a high school sports teacher. Married for 6 years, no children. She enjoys outdoor activities walking, camping, playing soccer and shopping. She lives with her husband in a 3-bedroom house, secure community. She does not smoke but drinks alcohol, a glass of wine during dinner and beer during weekends only if no sports. Denies drugs use. She drives herself to work, wears seat belts, she only answers the phone using her Bluetooth. She eats healthy diet and exercises 3 times a week on her treadmill and plays sports (soccer) every Friday afternoon and Saturday fro