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Leadership comes in many different forms. It can come from teachers, family members, or brief acquaintances. Strong leadership can mold people into better versions of themselves. It can be tangible, distant, overbearing, helpful, and most of all necessary. Specchia et al. (2021) state that “leadership is defined as the art of influencing others to achieve their maximum potential to accomplish any task, objective, or project” (Specchia et al. 2021, p. 1). This is a great definition that highlights the power of leadership. People learn more effectively when motivational leaders guide their progress until the moment where the leader can step back and watch transformations unfold. Moon et al. (2019) describe transformational leadership as “empowering staff, challenging them beyond the status quo, and recognizing their individual needs and aspirations” (Moon et al. 2019, p. 1). When someone has the ability to connect on a personal level with others they have a higher likelihood of pushing them towards greatness. If you know what motivates others it is easier to find ways for them to succeed. Cummings et al. (2021) state that “effective leadership has critical implications for nurse well-being, retention, and the care they deliver to patients” (Cummings et al. 2021, p. 2). I have worked with many leaders that have used this approach and shaped my future in more ways than I count. One of the greatest teachers I have ever had used her leadership skills in a way that evoked success. She knows that she is a leader but would never admit it. She shows her leadership in the way that she treats others and her patients. She is not pompous and does whatever she can to help the team. She is not in a management role but she might as well be. People come to her with work questions, life issues, and simply motherly advice. She trained me and has made me a better nurse, husband, and has further instilled my desire to teach others in the future. One of my greatest memories of her leadership was when our department was informed that we would rotate through all of the units to help with the Covid-19 surges. Many people were upset and were sharing their complaints with management. She is one of the most experienced nurses at my place of employment. She could have gotten out of these assignments. However, she was the first nurse to volunteer. She brought new nurses with her and taught them how to work in other units with a smile on her face the whole time. Her leadership through this unprecedented time earned her an award and brought our team closer together. It is through times of tribulation that true leaders lift ot