Imagine you are applying for a job as a human resources (HR) professional in the health care industry. Refer to your research on job responsibilities and expectations completed in the Week 1 assignment and analyze the role of human resource management in health care to see if your personality, interests, and organizational skills are a good fit.

Write a 350- to 525-word cover letter as though you are applying to one of the roles you researched. Address the following in your cover letter: 

Identify the HR position in the healthcare industry that you are applying for.

Describe why you would excel in that role.

Identify the organizational skill sets required for this position and describe how you demonstrate them. Share how your current skills are transferable to this position.

Explain the importance of HR management in the healthcare industry and how you personify that based on your past experience.


HR Job Search

Health Care Industry

Latasha Taylor


HCS/341: Human Resources in Health Care

Joanne Kronstedt


HR Job Search

Identify Your Desired Role/Position In The Healthcare Industry. 

My ultimate goal is to become a highly experienced and knowledgeable nurse manager in the healthcare industry. I am especially intrigued by the idea of working with a team of medical professionals to diagnose and treat illness in coordination with healthcare providers. I am interested in women’s health, so I’m particularly excited about joining a practice specializing in this field. As a nurse manager, I plan to stay up-to-date on medical advancements while providing compassionate care to my patients and effectively managing my staff to meet the patient’s healthcare needs. My enthusiasm for the area will help me continue learning as I progress into my career to provide better care for those in need.

Detail The Experience Or Skills That Will Make You A Good Fit For This Role Or Position.

I have the necessary training and education to become a successful, contributing healthcare team member. I recently graduated from an accredited BSN program and started my Master’s degree in nursing (MSN). During my studies, I cultivated many skills, such as medical terminology, data analysis and collection, medical ethics, patient care assessment and management, pharmacology, medical law, and more. I am also proficient in computer applications, such as Microsoft Office and electronic medical record systems. My communication skills are strong, which is a necessary part of providing patient care. I am confident in interacting with patients professionally while understanding and sympathetic to their needs (Moudatsou et al., 2019).

Explain How Your Current Skill Sets Transfer To The Desired Position And How You See Yourself Excelling In That Role.

My current skill sets are transferrable to the desired nurse manager position because I have the necessary training and education required for this role. I understand medical terminology, data analysis and collection, medical ethics, patient care assessment and management, pharmacology, medical law, and computer applications. My communication skills are vital, allowing me to interact with patients professionally while understanding and sympathetic to their needs. My devotion to patient care and willingness to work hard will make me an asset wherever I join.


Moudatsou, M., Stavropoulou, A., Philalithis, A., & Koukouli, S. (2020, January). The role of empathy in health and social care professionals. In Healthcare (Vol. 8, No. 1, p. 26). MDPI.

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