The Windshield Survey  includes  an assessment of eight community subsystems: physical environment,  health and social services, economics, safety and transportation,  politics and government, communication, education, and recreation with  the purpose of identifying the community health nursing role regarding  the needs of the population assessed. Groups will be assigned a  community, or municipality.  

Each group will conduct a virtual walk-through (drive-thru)  assessment of the community, noting evidence of the  strengths/weaknesses/resources (city websites, community health  departments, census data), develop a nursing diagnosis, and propose  community interventions. Your results will be presented in a 20-minute PowerPoint presentation 

Naranja, Florida

Community Assessment




Naranja was a small agriculture-based community for the most part after that until the 1960’s and 1970’s when new buildings began to pop up around the area. Many members of the military lived within the community since the Homestead Air Force Base was nearby.

In 1992 Hurricane Andrew devastated most of the area. It would take Naranja 12 years to rebuild itself and to this day it continues to grow and improve. As you drive around the area, especially to the east you will notice that there are various new construction projects in the works which hopefully will bring new economic growth to the area.

Physical environment

The size of the area encompases 1.7 square miles of which 1.5 is land and 0.2 is water (Miami-Dade County, 2018).

Naranja Florida is in South Florida, making it tropical in climate.

The newer buildings are easily distinguished in comparison to the older structures. Much of the community was severely damaged in 1992 by Hurricane Andrew and has been in the process of rebuiling since then. If you head East on 280 street you will come up on a lot of new construction homes. 

As with most of the surrounding communities, there are plenty of trees. The older areas of the community look dull especially due to the overgrown and ill-maintained landscaping. On the other hand, the more upgraded areas within Naranja look brighter and neater with properly maintained landscaping.

Physical environment

When doing a community assessment on Naranja, we noticed that the overall community looks older and, in some areas, it is disheveled, despite the apparent ongoing gentrification of the community.

Many of the buildings seem to have overtly obvious damage to them, for instance, when we drove by  Burger King, we noticed that the sign had fallen apart as did the drive-thru menu.

Another instance was with the Dollar tree located off of US1 and 266th ST which had a glass door covered by plywood due to a hole in the door.

Dollar Tree Front Door

Burger King Drive-Thru

Health and social services

There is no evidence of a specific health issue in the community, however due to the socio-economic nature of the community, the residents are more prone to have chronic diseases such as:


Chronic lower respiratory disease



Cardiovascular disease.

Health and social se