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The definition of Mentoring can be comprehensive. Its concept is used in the nursing profession and other professions in the medical field as a professional and personal development connection. Mentoring is a long-term partnership. They are based on trust and knowledge. Many nursing faculty members are retiring. Thus replacements are needed, and the opportunity to engage with needed members is to the mentoring route.

There are multiple benefits for the mentor and the mentee during the successful mentoring process. In this long life or short time relationship need to be a commitment to help each other during the length of the mentoring process time. (Nell Ard, et al ., 2022)

This article mentioned four stages of mentoring: initiation, nurturing, separation, and redefinition. A solid mentoring team must be established in every department to improve the retention rate of nursing staff. Suppose a nursing education unit has never had a formal mentorship program for incoming staff or is having trouble retaining faculty. In that case, it is an unstable platform for novice nurses to dive into. When faculty members identify talents or areas needing enrichment, they can seek more mentoring or consider mentoring fresher teachers. 

Nursing faculty shortage threatens. Aging professors and recruitment and retention challenges contribute to this crisis. this journal article focuses more on mentoring requirements, Time, and faculty support aiming for mentorship. The ideal supports nurse mentorship as creating a loving mentorship atmosphere can be a way to preserve nursing education’s integrity( Jo-Ann V. et al., 2009)

This other article discusses an example of mentoring using the mentorship technique to help new teachers develop NCLEX®-style questions. this mentor relationship approach helps beginner and experienced nursing faculty collaborate through training, assessment, rewriting, and mentoring. The mentor works with the more experienced educator during training, evaluation, and rewrite phases and reviews the final test.  (Sarah S et al., 2021)

Visionary knowledge educators are vital in establishing ongoing mentoring processes within healthcare settings.  (Nelda E.et al., 2021) The win/win mindset in the mentoring relationship needs to be implemented right at the Time of the hiring process for all new employees so this mentality stays during the establishment’s life. (Nelda E.et al., 2021)


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