This week, you be completing the Research Design Alignment Table. This table ensures your Prospectus Form has a logical progression from the research problem to the purpose of the study. The table should demonstrate that the identified framework grounds the investigation into the stated problem. When completing the alignment table, make sure that the problem, purpose, and framework in the left-hand column align with the research question(s) (RQs) (all rows). Ensure that each RQ address the problem and align with the purpose of the study.

To complete this section of the Prospectus Form, fill out the sections of the table that are addressed in your Prospectus Form.

Once you complete the table using the content you developed on the Prospectus Form, look to see that the information across each individual row match/align with the RQ listed for that row.

  1. By row, will the variables listed address the RQ?
  2. By row, will the analysis address the RQ?
  3. By row, can the analysis be completed with the data points that will be collected?

Note: At the prospectus stage, not all items in the table below can be identified (e.g., data points, data analysis). Please complete the items that you have identified in this Prospectus Form.

DHA Prospectus Form

Students | Complete your doctoral
prospectus within this form. Write your responses in the white spaces using a scholarly tone and include in-text citations and APA reference entries where appropriate. You can click on underlined terms and headings for descriptions, resource links, and examples located in the Appendix. For additional prospectus information and resources, refer to the Doctoral Research Coach. Complete the Research Design Alignment Table within this form using the information from earlier sections and self-assess your research design alignment. Submit this completed form into MyDR for formal evaluation and feedback when your committee chair indicates that you are ready to do so.

Student’s Name | Sherri Williams Student ID | A01031204

Program and Specialization* | DDHA 8246 Submission Date | 12/20/2021

*Remember that your study focus must be within the realm of your program and specialization area.

Evaluators Only | Complete this section and provide feedback on responses and rubric scores in the form where noted.

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In 12 words or less, what is the working title for this study? Include the topic, variables and relationship between them, and the most critical key words.

Obstacles to fair access to high-quality health care for rural populations

Supporting Literature

The first step in developing your prospectus is to search the literature related to the general area related to healthcare administration you want to investigate (see social problem below). In your review of recent, empirical literature, what keywords did you search and in what databases?

The keywords and databases searched included Replace this text with your response.