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SPHE461: Current Trends in Fitness & W ellness
Cumulative Project –Part 1

Week 3 Assignment & Rubric

*Week #3 Assignment*
This exercise is designed to help you gain the tools necessary to assess the fitness, sport, and health
industry, current trends and practices, and their relationship to health and wellness management. In
addition, this will help you understand how current health and fitness trends will impact your
personal career in this industry. This project will give you some experience in addressing an issue
with a more current trend/practice, and designing a plan for its implementation using evidence-based

Week #1 Deliverable Items:

1. Paper (3-5 page)
2. Media Gallery (pics) contribution

Introduction to your Project: Selecting a Community/Organization & Current Trend of Interest

This week 3 assignment is a short paper that addresses each of the items below serves as a
proposal for your project. You will also submit a contribution to the Media Gallery. This is not a
presentation, just a depiction of your organization and/or current trend.

This is a 2-part assignment that requires a submission to the Media Gallery, as well as the
submission of a paper to the Week 3 Assignment area.

Part 1
In a 3-5 page paper, please identify and describe a community or organization of interest to you, as
well as a description of a current trend and how you can use it to benefit this
Please be sure to include:

• Description of the community or organization of Interest
• Description of the Current Trend
• Explanation of the health and/or fitness problem in that community or organization
• Explanation of the interrelationship between your community/organization and the current

health and fitness trend you are reporting on
• How you plan on using the current trend/issue to benefit this community/organization
• See additional formatting guidelines below.

Part 2
Please upload a picture to the Media Gallery that depicts your organization and/or current trend that
you will be discussing.

1. Obtain or create your artifact (picture).
2. Click on the Media Gallery link that is located near the bottom in the left-hand menu in our

3. Upload your artifact

a. Add a short description of your organization/trend
b. Tag it with the Week 3 Assignment Tag, so your classmates can see and comment.

4. There is a small point value to this (see rubric for details). Please consider this an area for
collaboration with your classmates. This type of sharing can provide you with (free) peer

feedback on your project. Other than the points for simply uploading your picture, this is a
totally ungraded area and free from instructor comments.

Additional Instructions
Your subm