What search engines or databases are you using to identify the articles for your Weekly Article Summary assignment? What key words are you using for your search? Have they been effective in finding articles that are relevant to your clinical practice? Include rationale.

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Lisa Wright

St. Thomas University

NUR 416: Nursing Research & Evidence-Based Practice

Lisbet Henriquez

August 31, 2022



Search Engines & Databases

Working in an acute care setting can overwhelm nurses, especially when nurse staffing is a problem. Nurse understaffing was a significant nursing problem during the Coronavirus 2019 (Covid-19) pandemic at the Med-Surg unit where I practice. Research shows that nurse staffing issues such as understaffing negatively impact throughput metrics such as nursing hours that negatively impact mortality (Rochefort et al., 2020). I developed a research question to investigate the effect of one such solution (improved nursing hours per patient day). The research question is: Is there a difference between patients who died when receiving treatment in a med-surge unit with improved nursing staffing versus those in a med-surge unit without improved nursing staffing? Guided by this research question, I searched for peer-reviewed articles relevant to the problem to support my supposition.

Engines and Databases

I used search engines and databases to identify the research article for the weekly article summary. For the search engines, I mostly relied on Google, which contains millions of reliable and unreliable sources of information. In a sentence format, I used the keywords acute care, Med-Surg, nurse staffing, intervention, and mortality to search for articles on Google. I ensured that I got reliable and peer-reviewed articles by adding the terms journal articles at the end of the statement before searching. For example, I used the title “impact of nurse staffing intervention on patient mortality in the Med-Surg Unit Journal articles.” For databases, I used PubMed Central and CINAHL Complete for a systematic search for relevant articles. Both databases were accessed through the university library. Keywords used in the search were; acute care, Med-Surg, nurse staffing, intervention, and mortality. Boolean operators ‘AND’ and ‘OR’ were used to connect the keywords.

Google was effective in locating relevant peer-reviewed articles for clinical practice. I categorize effectiveness based on the ability to identify several relevant articles. From Google, I found at least four relevant articles. Google was an effective resource for searching for credible, current, and relevant articles to the research problem. Unfortunately, the two databases, PubMed and CINAHL, were ineffective in locating articles. For example, PubMed generated nine articles published between 2018 and 2022, none relevant. Similarly, CINAHL completely generated six articles, none relevant. I expected the databases to be particularly useful because they specify the search through filters, and inclusion and exclusion criteria, allowing me to identify articles as closely as I needed. I was disappointed because I understand