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Cultural, Spiritual, Nutritional, & Mental Health Disorders

 Discuss the specific socioeconomic, spiritual, lifestyle, and other cultural factors related to the health of the patient you selected.

One of the specific issues that this 32 y/o pregnant lesbian is likely facing is the lack of finances. The patient reported that she became pregnant via a sperm bank. The patient’s finances were likely depleted in the process, leaving her struggling economically (Rausch et al., 2021). The patient is also a single lesbian who lacks any support system, thus straining her financial condition. The patient is also at risk of developing depression since she will likely face isolation from her family members due to her lifestyle choices (Rausch et al., 2021).

Furthermore, the patient has no partner to help her and note any changes in her mood. The patient, however, appears to be an independent woman doing well and following up with her prenatal care from her obstetrician. However, this patient needs a support system if she develops complications since it might be difficult for her to access a healthcare facility independently (Rausch et al., 2021). In addition, the patient also needs help at the time of her baby’s birth since being along predisposes her to emotional problems due to issues such as sleep deprivation.

The other issues related to the health of the patient are her spirituality. Lesbianism, pregnancy outside the marriage institution and technological issues such as getting a child via sperm bank is highly frowned upon by the church (Rausch et al., 2021). This patient is likely to be condemned by the church, which might interfere with her well-being. The patient might also fear being judged by her clinicians due to her lifestyle, which might negatively impact her health (Rausch et al., 2021). The current patient’s stressor is her discharge which is most likely linked to bacterial vaginosis. However, the prognosis of this condition is good; hence she will complete recovery if she receives the appropriate treatment.

 Utilizing the five assessment domains, which ones would you utilize on your patients in conducting a comprehensive nutritional assessment. 

The social determinant impacting nutrition is the domain that will be assessed in this case since the other 4-domains are so broad. Social factors such as educational level, health status and immediate neighborhood are the factors that affect nutrition. For instance, the educational level will determine the patient’s need for a healthy diet (Del Brutto et al., 2022). On the other hand, the immediate environment will impact the patient’s access to nutritious food (Del Brutto et al., 2022). It is critical to discuss nutrition for this patient since the mother’s food directly impacts fetal development. The lack of proper nutrition is associated with numerous health complicati