Please respond to the following attached articles . 2 APA references each.

Response 1

Patient Information:

S.L., 24 y/o, Caucasian Female


CC: Postcoital bleeding, sore throat, fever (see questions below)

HPI: A 24 year old Caucasian female presented to the clinic with complaints of postcoital bleeding for the past six week and a sore throat for the past three weeks.  She stated that she had a fever for a day or two. The bleeding occurs after sex. The complaints are that the throat is sore and red. Symptoms are relieved by Tylenol. Symptoms started about six weeks ago.

Current Medications: No prescription medications.

Over-the-counter medications: Pamprin as needed.

 No known drug allergies.


No medical history—I would ask who her primary physician was?

· I would ask about immunizations here such COVID, HBV, Hepatitis, etc.

· I would ask when her last Pap smear was? When was her last pelvic exam?

Soc & Substance Hx:

Cigarette smoking 1/2pack daily since age 14. ETOH only on weekends, 6-8 hard liquor daily. Marijuana smoking. She works full-time as an administrative assistant and states she loves her job.  She jogs 3-4 times a week, wears seatbelts when in the car and occasionally uses sunscreen.

Fam Hx: Non-contributary

Surgical Hx:
 No surgical history

Mental Hx:
  not discussed.

Violence Hx:
 Would ask questions about if she feels safe and about safety in her relationship.  (See below)

Reproductive Hx: GYN history—onset of menses at age 13, menses every 28-32 days, lasting 4-6days and she uses 3 tampons on average daily.


GENERAL: sore throat, fever in the past relieved by Tylenol.

HEENT: Throat:  sore throat for past 3 weeks.

CARDIOVASCULAR: Would ask her if she has had any chest pain, chest discomfort or palpitations? This would be done to rule out any cardiac symptoms.

RESPIRATORY:  Would ask her if she has had any shortness of breath, cough, congestion? This would be done to rule out any respiratory symptoms.

GASTROINTESTINAL: Would ask her if she has had any abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, constipation? This would be done to rule out any gastrointestinal symptoms that could indicate a virus.

GU: Would ask questions about urination? Leakage? Dribbling? Incontinence? Burning on urination? Pain on urination? Foul odor on urination? Any problems urinating?

NEUROLOGICAL: Would ask her if she has had any headache, dizziness, muscle cramps, weakness? This would be done to rule out any neurological symptoms that she could be having and did not realize.