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Probable more than 60 % of the regular day for nursing is dedicated to advocated. Health care policies give to nurses’ legal tools to advocate for patients inside the communities and other resources. In the other hand, policy regulate the nurse behavior and professional care, which is a legal guarantee that advocate for patients too.

Another point where nurses are crucial is impacting by the feedback that institutions and government require to updated or improve the policy, once the nurses are the largest group pf health care professionals in United. This is a very important role the nurse needs to empower.

In the same direction, RNs are excellent advocates for public policy development. Groups such as the Association of Public Health Nurses encourage RNs to advocate for health care policies and provide resources on how to do so. We can say that the nursing work regarding to their influence in policy in 3 moments:1 Create a new policy (if needed is identified), 2 Modify positively the ones that doesn’t not effective or eliminate the one that doesn’t work, 3 Monitor enforce implementation of good policies.

Each of this previous nursing action are related to patients advocate times two because to do that nurse require nursing review, research, study, and hard work and all of this at the end target to the same direction: Advocate, quality of care, compassion, best evidence practice base.

This is a very important class for us because of that. We ca learn not only different policy but also the importance of implementation, supervising, and feedback. This semester complement knowledge in areas such as policy, finance, and leadership.

But the outcomes in healthcare base on policy are not only for nursing responsibility. How policy help or not form creation to implementation is not only nurse responsibility. Doctors, politics, patients, and everyone should be involved because the purpose of learning the ropes of policies, politics and advocacy is to influence health care that influence human health. 

Nurses who’s participated in education, teaching or research nurse, need to include those topics as frequent as needed. This is another way for nursing to impact and advocate in health care policies.

The capacity of nursing to incorporate new topics, new problems, new deficiencies, or old ones but never included before in Federal or states policies is another very important way to advocate for patients through policy. Guarantee the correct policy to take care of patient and enforce to use these and evaluated or monitoring proper implementation is a real advocacy for patient health care through policy.


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