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Ottis Toole was an American drifter and also a serial killer who was in the late 1990s was convicted for different counts of murder. Toole made a confession when he was apprehended which he later recanted. On his conviction Toole received two death sentences but after an appeal was made the same was overturned and he was sentenced to a life imprisonment. To understand the mental state of the patient it is important to understand their background. Toole was raised by a father who was an alcoholic who abandoned him while he was very young, his father would dress him in women clothes and call him women name (Chiriboga, 2019). The patient was a victim of sexual harassment and specifically incest in the hands of many relatives and even acquaintances. His grandmother was also a Satanist who introduced him to different satanic practices including grave robbing and self-mutilation. The patient was considered to be suffering from mental retardation and he had an intelligence quotient of 75. The patient also suffered from epilepsy which in many cases made him to suffer from many grand mal seizures. In his childhood, the patient always run from their home and spend days and nights in abandoned houses. Different tests that were done on him by different psychiatrists discovered that the patient was considered to be extremely- impulsive and this made him to show antisocial- behavior and this was as a result of a personality disorder and that he was pyromaniac, there was enough evidence that supported the fact that the patient was diagnosed with a personality disorder. (Azevedo et al., 2020).



The patient was raised in a family and a community that was not caring and loving and this to a greater extent contributed to the different crimes that he committed. When the patient was only five years old, he was forced by his father to have sex with his friend’s father. When he was twelve years old, he already was having sexual relationships with his neighbor who was a boy and in the process; he ended up dropping out of school when he was in the ninth grade and started attending gay bars and abusing different substances in the process. The fact that he was not raised up in a loving manner and his father not instilling values in him, this made him to be a very different child. As a teenager he was already a male prostitute and at the same time he was obsessed with gay pornography (Chiriboga, 2019). Due to him not being supported by his family at his young age, he had decided to look for other means of supporting himself and this led to him to start drifting around the southwestern United States and he supported himself through panhandling and prostitution. From the different stories that were given to this patient, or the serial killer seemed not to have seek any mental health