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The St. Fleur family is well respected in the Haitian community because they are religious with great moral values. They moved to the United States because of political issues in Haiti. Ronald, the youngest son of this family, is 27 years old and lives at home with his mother and father. Recently, he began having fevers and subsequently developed pneumonia. He was admitted to the hospital, where laboratory tests were HIV positive. Ronald was in shock when the doctor informed him that he was HIV positive. He confessed to the doctor that he was gay, but he could not tell his family. He said that he did not want to bring shame to the family. Because he couldn’t be in a formal relationship disowning to his family and the Haitian community’s view of homosexuality, he has been very promiscuous over the years.

1. What are Haitians’ views of homosexuality?

2. If Ronald’s parents were to learn of his positive HIV status, how might they react if they are religious and traditional?

3. Identify three major culturally congruent strategies a healthcare provider can implement to address HIV prevention practices in the Haitian community?

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Module 4 Discussion: Providing HIV Prevention and Care Services for Haitian Americans 

Haitians’ Views on Homosexuality 

Haitian society in general is not accepting of homosexuality, as heterosexuality is considered the norm, and the attitudes towards homosexuals are characterized by hostility and rejection, even from family members who often force them to leave their homes. According to Dévieux et al. (2022), gender and sexuality norms are influenced by Christianity and patriarchal constructs that define what the roles of men and women should be. Consequently, homosexuals are often victims of violence, leading many to lead double lives. Additionally, HIV has become a great source of stigma for homosexual men who often lack the kind of support needed to get needed medical care, thus leading to depression and psychological distress associated with isolation (Dévieux et al., 2022). The goal as an advanced nurse practitioner is to provide culturally sensitive care for patients of Haitian origin in the context of HIV prevention and treatment. 

HIV Positive Status and Famil