Organizational culture is the shared way of thinking or feeling in a given organization. This culture creates the dynamic for a willingness to change and/or improve. For example, if an organizational culture is one in which change is welcomed to improve and all voices are encouraged to be shared, the implementation of a quality improvement initiative will likely be accepted and supported. However, if an organizational culture is one in which the acknowledgement of mistakes are penalized and only leadership voices are respected, the implementation of a quality improvement initiative may be met with hesitation and skepticism.

For this Assignment, you will consider the impact of cultural and organizational readiness as it relates to the implementation of quality improvement initiatives. You will consider the leadership strategies needed to support these measures and complete an Organizational Culture Assessment Tool.


Complete the Organizational Culture Assessment Tool for the healthcare organization or nursing practice you selected. Then, address the following:

  • What is the state of cultural/organizational readiness for quality improvement?
  • Is the organizational culture present for quality improvement?
  • What leadership strategies are present in the organization to support quality improvement, positive patient experiences, and healthcare quality?

Organizational Culture Assessment

Please evaluate each statement below writing number on Scale 1 – 5, thinking about your organization. Answer with 1 = Strongly disagree, 2 = disagree, 3 = neutral, 4 = agree, and 5 = strongly agree.

1. I am at ease and comfortable when I’m around others at work – regardless of their title, position, or stature.

2. We evaluate the quality of the decisions we make internally.

3. Work is shared based not on who “owns it,” but rather on who is in the best position to get it done.

4. I can be my whole self while at work and don’t have to pretend to be someone I’m not.

5. I am given autonomy in my job.

6. We remove ‘silos’ and ‘boundaries’ at work; we aren’t territorial.

7. If a process, procedure, approach is not working, we can correct it with ease.

8. Everyone here is clear on what drives our success as an organization.

9. We use tools and platforms internally to help us collaborate and communicate more effectively.

10. The internal tools and technologies we use in My Company are as good, if not better than the ones our competitors use.

11. We welcome comments from others even if they disagree with us.

12. We push past the “we’ve always done it that way” objection.

13. We are evaluated on the core values that are important to our success.

14. We care about making our community a better place to live.

15. I get to exercise my creativity at work.

16. People know what other departments need from them and share the right information at the right time.