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Question Respond #1:

Certified Academic Clinical Nurse Educator


The National League for Nursing was established in the early 1900s. It recognizes the importance of health teaching as part of the nursing partice. Over the years, they developed the Certified Nurse Educator Exam. (Bastable, 2019).The benefits of becoming a Certified Nurse Educator through the National League for Nursing include the recognition of nursing education as a specialty field of practice and the ability for faculty to demonstrate their expertise in this position.

It informs nurse educators and the health-care community that the highest standards of excellence are achievable. A nurse educator who is licensed serves as a leader and a role model.

The Nurse Educator certification is required.

1) Licensure in the region, i.e. registered nurse certification.

2) Nursing education requires a master’s or doctoral degree.

3 ) Work experience is needed.

 This is something I would like to pursue in my future. When I compare my clinical experiences from India to the clinic experiences that the nursing students here are receiving, I feel that there is a lack of clinical experiences here. I wish to share my knowledge and experience with the students so that they are able to grow in their career. I remember (before COVID) when the students were able to come to the hospital for their clinicals. They were there only for four hours one a day, for maximum of 5 weeks. The instructor would come and ask me for any insulin administration or Lovenox administration. I was happy to give them those patients. One of the patients that the student was taking care of had GT feeding bolus plus medications. Since it was my patient, and I had a good rep with the instructor, I asked permission if the student was able to do bolus feeding. To my dismay, the instructor told me that they were not able to give bolus yet. Then I requested if I could show the students how to do it, which the instructor was okay with. Instead of two students I had 6 six students watch me administer bolus feeding as well as medication administration. This was the first time I felt I should go into nurse educator.  My strategies for becoming a nurse educator are as follows: 

1. Get my masters in nursing education 

2. I plan to write the Certified Nurse Educator Exam once my masters is completed. I plan to become a Certified Academic Clinical Nurse Educator. “The academic clinical nurse educator facilitates the learning of nursing students throughout the clinical components of an academic nursing program. This educator is guided in this role by faculty of the nursing program and is accountable to that nursing program for providing fair evaluations of learners’ perfo