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I am a registered nurse pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN). Particularly, I am passionate about nutrition and food. Many of the health challenges in society are associated with either lifestyle or diets. Therefore, I believe that studying nutrition will encourage a balanced lifestyle and improve individuals’ diets. Through such information, I would be able to keep a healthy life, boost immunity, and reduce the risks of developing particular diseases. The knowledge I gain from nutrition courses would be important for changing public opinion on healthy diets. Besides, I am pursuing nutrition courses to advance my career opportunities. As a graduate, I would be able to work in academic institutions, public health organizations, wellness centers, hospitals, and government agencies. I can also specialize and become a renal dietician, sports dietician, or clinical dietician.Media plays a central role in determining what we eat. Food manufacturing companies use both mainstream and social media to run their adverts. According to Sizer and Whitney (2013), nutrition choices depend on what advertisers usually recommend. Habit and culture are also major determinants of food choices. Even though one has the right to choose the appropriate diet, nutritionists need to guide people on the best diets. Social media, especially TikTok and YouTube, have influenced me through short video clips on cooking and diets. Although some presenters on such platforms are informed, many of them post videos of foods to get likes and subscriptions (Alvarado, 2021). Thus, the public falls victim to misinformation. Besides, cooking shows influence nutrition behaviors among the participants. For example, I have been influenced by Epic Meal Time comedy. Even though I loved the program, I realized that it prepared high-calorie meals that were not healthy for humans.

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The food industry is among the biggest in the world, since no matter what, people must eat. Therefore, working in any food supply chain is crucial and a guarantee of a job. Nutrition equips a person with skills that can be applied in different sectors; therefore, it has enormous benefits. Furthermore, I love food, and I enjoy working in the food industry. Nutrition exposes me to a plethora of opportunities, including creating new products, conducting research, and testing the quality of products (Wahl et al., 2017). The following factors affect what I eat. One is family, which is a recognized determinant of food choices. My family has influenced what I eat each day. The second factor is education. Since I have learned about the importance of food in health, I eat healthy foods. Thirdly, cost affects what I eat. I eat foods that I can afford. There are some which I would like to take, but I cannot afford them.


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