Please read the Quality Benchmark Project Description located in the Module section of this course before starting this assignment.

Introduction to the Quality Benchmark Project.

  • Description of the Quality Issue
  • Background Information of the Quality Issue
  • Previous Attempts to Address the Quality Issue


Quality Benchmark Project: Description & Due Dates, Broad Overview

Research & Decide. Choose and begin researching a significant quality issue. It can be anything that you believe is vital to patient safety and/or improving overall quality of care. Reliable research needs to be less than 5 years old ideally. The best research are peer-reviewed journal articles, or are written by respectable organizations and expert professionals.

Some topic examples may include:

· Hand hygiene, to include nosocomial infections driving healthcare costs

· Medication errors, to include transcription errors or staffing issues. How does fixed hospital budgets fit in?

· Patient falls, to include alarm fatigue or short hospital stays – Who pays the cost if a patient falls while in the hospital?

· Bed sores acquired in the hospital. Who pays if the patient gets a bed sore while at the hospital?

· Misdiagnosis and how that affects short and long-term patient care. How does that affect healthcare costs?

· Issues with patient identification – may tie into treatment errors and billing issues.

· Documentation quality and how it negatively affects reimbursement and drives hospital costs.

· Budget costs limiting up-to-date technology or research-based interventions from being implemented.

· Inter-departmental communication, to include nursing triage and efficient, safe decision-making. Consider if this is an effective use of time management and how it can be improved.

· Staffing ratios – is it really a nursing shortage or just budgetary restrictions? How does this negatively affect quality of care, nursing retention and hospital costs long-term? How does it affect patient and staff satisfaction?

· Integrating mental health into medical. When a patient comes in for a heart transplant, for example, we need to consider depression and anxiety – quality of life issues after discharge, psychosocial issues etc. Dissolve the current system of medical focusing on medical and psych focusing on psych and merge the two for a comprehensive patient overview.

· Managing health care costs and chronic disease. Consider cost of prevention to keep acute from becoming chronic and long-term benefit to our society.

Week 2:

Quality Benchmark Project, Part 1 Due. “The Proposal” is a minimum of 2-pages, not including title page and reference page. Written in APA format – must follow sample paper provided or you will get it returned to try again. Late penalties may apply.

Title Page – Use

Required Professional Paper Template, 7th ed

. for this course project. It is located under the module part of the classroom.

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