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Cultural Impact on Health among the Hispanic and Latino Population


Introduction Cultural Impact on Health among the Hispanic and Latino Population The US is one of the most culturally diverse countries in the world It hosts an average of more than one million immigrants each year. When it comes to healthcare each culture has its views on different treatments offered I t is the duty of us nurses to become aware of the different cultural diversities available.


T he American Nurses Association (ANA) explains diversity as being able to acknowledge and appreciate the existing differences in beliefs, thoughts, attitudes, and priorities when it comes to seeking healthcare from different populations. The US Bureau of Statistics estimates that by 2044, more than 50% of the population will be made up of the minority population meaning nurses will have to become culturally competent. Let’s evaluate the Hispanic and Latino Americans’ cultural aspects such as their ethnicity, history and value orientation, religious beliefs, and nutritional behavior while at the same time giving health promotion strategies for the community. Introduction