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According to studies, body language and gestures like smiling can reflect the motive behind the Organization. The smiling receptionist is giving validation of quality services. It helps form a positive first impression of the customers, and it’s an indication that the patients are welcomed in the Environment (Dahiya, 2020). Such an attitude is the driving factor behind customers’ satisfaction. Moreover, the receptionist’s attitude of offering assistance to the customers would result in a great customer experience, thus ultimately increasing customer loyalty. High customer loyalty is directly related to the number of frequent visits.

If the receptionist is constantly smiling and offering help to the patients, then it shows that she is highly attentive and responsive to her environment. Such kind of behavior is significant for strong analytical and decision-making skills. Resolving all types of issues for the customers in a wide array would enhance the problem identification skills of the receptionist that could ultimately strengthen her decision-making skills (Dahiya, 2020). Moreover, positive behavior could also positively impact her personality as she would learn to stay composed and ready for any situation. Overall, her performance would be positively affected with positive feedback from patients and doctors.

Receptionists are the first people to interact with the customers in the workplace Environment. The attitude of the employees having direct interaction with customers is highly imperative for the workplace. It is even more important in the doctor’s clinic because people with health issues demand emphatic behavior from the employees. In a given scenario, the receptionist must ensure that she has a “Communication with the visitors to save their time and offer more convenience. She must have excellent listening skills to address the issues of the patients.

Moreover, she must have a high level of motivation to maintain positive behavior throughout the day. In other words, consistency is key to a positive workplace environment. Employees must have a set of skills to enhance their corporate image (Akhtar, 2020). However, the receptionist in the doctor’s clinic has an even bigger responsibility to ensure the satisfaction level of patients.


Akhtar, Muhammad & Syed, Fauzia & Javed, Muzhar & Husnain, Mudassir. (2020). Grey Shade of Work Environment Triad – Effect of Supervisor Ostracism and Perceived Organizational Obstruction on Employees’ Behavior: A Moderated-Mediation”. Leadership & Organization Development Journal. 10.1108/LODJ-07-2019-0334.

Dahiya, Rinki. (2020). Does organisational sustainability policies affect environmental attitude of employees? The missing link of green work climate perceptions. Business Strategy & Development. 3. 10.1002/bsd2.110.

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