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WCU BSN Final Portfolio

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West Coast University

NIURS 497: Capstone

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January 17, 2022

Table of Contents

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Professional Cover Letter


Professional Resume


Professional References

Letter of Recommendation

Long-Term and Short-Term SMART Goals

Essentials I-IX Summary Paper

Personal Nursing Philosophy

Sigma Theta Tau Nurse Manager Certificate

Other Certificates

Professional Cover Letter

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Appearance Elements of Formatting

The typeface you are reading is double-spaced with extra spaces before and after paragraphs removed, and the font is 12-point Times New Roman. 11-point Calibri, 11-point Arial, 11-point Georgia, and 10-point Lucida Sans Unicode are also acceptable in APA 7th edition formatting (APA, 2020) Ask your instructor if a specific font is required. Instructors are wise to the tricks of using larger type fonts (or smaller ones) and spacing gimmicks in order to meet the minimum or maximum page requirements for assignments. Do not use tricks to compensate for too little or too much writing in your assignments.

Other appearance elements are margins, page numbering, and indenting. One-inch margins are required in APA style papers. The header for a student paper only includes a page number in the upper-right corner of the page (APA, 2020). Speak with your instructors regarding if a running head is required for an assignment. If a running head is required, it should be an abbreviated version of the title, not to exceed 50 characters including letters, punctuation, and spaces, and should be placed flush to the left on the same line as the page number (APA, 2020). There is exactly one space after each punctuation mark, except for periods at the end of a sentence, after which there are two spaces. The final consideration discussed related to appearance is paragraph indenting. Paragraphs are indented, 5 to 7 spaces or ½ inch.


Use APA formatted headings and subheadings to organize the sections of your paper and to help your reader transition from section to section. See section 2.27 and 2.28 of the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (7th edition) for more information on heading levels. A suggestion is to use headings that are in the order of the assignment and evaluation criteria or rubric so your instructor can easily see you have fulfilled each part of the assignment’s content requirements.

The first heading

Rubric: Professional Portfolio

Rubric: Professional Portfolio




This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeContent, Organization, and Professionalism

50 to >44.5 pts

Meets or Exceeds Expectations

The portfolio contains all of the required items and is submitted in one of the three approved formats (LinkedIn, Word, PDF, or PPT). All of the portfolio items meet the formatting requirements (APA Style, typed). The portfolio is well-organized and professionally constructed. A complete and structured Table of Contents is included. The student has completed an exceptionally comprehensive, highly professional nursing portfolio.

44.5 to >37.5 pts

Mostly Meets Expectations

The portfolio contains most of the required items, and is submitted in one of the three approved formats (LinkedIn, Word, PDF, or PPT. One or two portfolio items do not meet the formatting requirements (APA Style, typed). The portfolio is mostly organized and professionally constructed. A Table of Contents is included but 1 or 2 items may be out of order or missing. The student has completed an acceptable, substantive professional nursing portfolio.

37.5 to >29.5 pts

Below Expectations

The portfolio contains half of the required items and is submitted in one of the three approved formats (LinkedIn, Word, PDF, or PPT). Three to four portfolio items do not meet the formatting requirements (APA Style, typed). The portfolio is not well-organized and professionally constructed. A drastically incomplete Table of Contents is provided. The student has completed a nursing portfolio that is lacking in professionalism and substance.

29.5 to >0 pts

Does Not Meet Expectations

The portfolio contains less than two required items, or it is not submitted in one of the three approved formats (LinkedIn, Word, PDF, or PPT). Most of the portfolio items do not meet formatting requirements (APA Style, typed). A Table of Contents is not provided. The student has not completed a nursing portfolio that is professional and substantive.

50 pts

This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeSMART Professional Goals

40 to >35.6 pts

Meets or Exceeds Expectations

The student provides evidence in creating five professional goals in the SMART format. The student addresses all feedback from the initial submission and improves the assignment as needed.

35.6 to >30.0 pts

Mostly Me

NURS 497 BSN Capstone: Professional Portfolio Components Checklist

Revised May 2021

Begin adding these items to your professional portfolio in PDF, MS Word, PowerPoint, or in your
LinkedIn profile each week. These are the items that must be included in your NURS 497 Capstone BSN
Professional Portfolio. Use this checklist to keep track of items as you proceed through the course.

Weekly Submission Final Portfolio Revision Required BSN Professional Portfolio Assignments

Table of Contents

Professional Cover Letter and Resumé

Professional References

Letter of Recommendation

Long-Term and Short-Term Goals

Essentials I-IX Summary Paper

Personal Nursing Philosophy

Sigma Theta Tau Nurse Manager Certificate

Workplace Professionalism Certificate

Optional Items to Add to BSN Professional Portfolio, when applicable:

Other Certificates, Awards, and Certifications

Additional exemplary course work beyond the

minimum requirement

Affiliations or causes that extend beyond your

nursing career

Personal details

Published Articles

Other (Discuss with Career Services Advisor)


13375 SW 211th St.,Miami, FL xxxxx | 786-xxx-8208 | [email protected]

Memorial Regional Health System

January 31, 2022

Dear Hiring Manager,

On April 3, 2022, I will officially be graduating with my Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing. I anticipate taking my NCLEX to be licensed as a Registered Nurse in the following month or so and hopefully join the Nurse Residency program with the University of Miami Health System. I am eager to start my career as a nurse and to make a positive impact in this role.

I have always had a passion for helping people, and while there are many career options that would have allowed me to do so, a career in nursing made sense for me. I have worked in corrections for 15 years assisting inmates, ensuring their safety and the safety of the personnel, and aiding in the rehabilitation efforts. In this job, my mom fell ill, and I was responsible for ensuring that she was taken care of also. These circumstances strengthened my faith and empowered me to do more and love on people when they are at their lowest. As a nurse, I look forward to providing care with compassion, respect, and integrity to best serve the needs of my patients.

When researching organizations to work at, it was important for me to work with an organization who values its employees by offering great benefits, values its patients through compassionate patient care, and values its community as Memorial Regional Hospital has done for the South Florida community through research, education, and philanthropy. Memorial Hospital is also home to highly trained specialists focused on providing state-of-the-art medical care, which aligns with my long-term goals of learning from the best healthcare team. I know the training I receive here will help me reach those goals.

When asked what areas of nursing I plan on pursuing a career in, it is usually difficult to decide. If I had to choose, it would probably be Pediatrics, Emergency Department, or Intensive Care Unit. However, I remain open to exploring all opportunities presented to me, and learn and grow in whatever areas I am placed in. I thrive in a fast-paced environment and enjoy collaborating with others. I also enjoy leading others into action and am also keen on prioritizing my workload. Lastly, I believe that nurses need to be organized, detail-oriented, empathetic, passionate about what they do, and always operate with integrity—all qualities I believe make me a great candidate for this position. The residency program will help provide additional training needed to better acclimate to the clinical setting and set the tone for a well-rounded nursing foundation to become a successful nurse.

I am eager to discuss the possibilit

No photo description available.

9250 NW 36th Street, Doral, FL. 33178


[email protected]


To Whom this may concern,

My name is Latoya Strickland, I am proud to offer my recommendation for Majory Joseph to whom I have personally known for one year at West Coast University. I was Majory’s clinical professor. Majory was an excellent student with remarkable attention to detail.

During my working relationship with Majory, I have experienced an individual who shows up earlier than asked, works hard, and carries themselves in a polite, and professional matter. In addition, Majory is exceptionally gifted at making patients feel comfortable and always maintaining a positive atmosphere. Majory was a very hardworking and dedicated student who was always eager to learn new things, which she can use to provide the best care to her patients. Her competence and active participation brought energy to the learning sessions.

It is without reservation that I recommend Majory for this nursing position. I believe that Majory’s determination and resilience qualifies her for a spot in your residency program. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact me.

Warm regards,

Latoya Strickland, MSN. RN.

Clinical Professor


February 3, 2022

Reena Philip,

West Coast University,

9250 NW 36th Street,

Doral, Florida. 33178.

To Whom it may concern,

It is with great pleasure that I recommend the young lady Ms. Marjory Joseph, as her Faculty of

the NCLEX Success Coaching for Fundamentals of Nursing, Pharmacology, Maternity, &

Pediatrics, at West Coast University, Miami Campus. I had multiple opportunities to be part of

the mentoring and guiding of this young lady in the process of her career development.

She was always respectful and gracious and very focused on learning effectively to be a

successful nurse in the future. During these multiple encounters as her coach, I found her

taking the initiative to join the learning groups, to master the content. She is smart, efficient,

and effective manager of time and resources. She was keen to complete all schoolwork related

documents in a timely & efficient manner.

She had clinical exposure to healthcare setting while in school which accented her clinical

application skills. She held a highly accountable job as a Correction Officer and demonstrated

great diligence in all positions, she held.

I would therefore recommend Ms. Marjory Joseph to any workforce, as she will be a great asset

to any organization. I wish her success in all future endeavors.

Kindly reach out to me if you have any further questions.


Reena Philip

Email: [email protected]

Mobile: 561-400-8900

Faculty, Instructor II- RN, MSN

West Coast University.


13375 SW 211th St., Miami, FL XXXXX | 786-XXX-8208 | [email protected]


Results-driven BSN Graduate with a passion for serving, collaboration, and motivating others into action. Ability to identify urgency and effectively prioritize tasks and balance concurrent projects in a fast-paced environment, managing time and resources to ensure efficient completion of projects and deliver results within established timetables.


· BLS Certified

· Excellent communication skills

· Time management and prioritization

· Bilingual in Creole

· Infirmary skills

· Auditor

· Team oriented

· Strong interpersonal skills

· Sound decision-making


Bachelor of Science in Nursing,
West Coast University, Miami, FL 04/2022

GPA 3.45

Associates of Arts,
Miami Dade College
, Miami, FL 03/2009

Miami Dade Corrections,
Miami Dade College, Miami, FL 03/2004

Student RN Clinical Rotation

Mental Health – Swift River: Virtual Training (90 hours) 11/2020 – 01/2021

Medical Surgical Nursing – Swift River: Virtual Training (135 hours) 01/2021 – 03 /2021

Obstetrics – Swift River: Virtual Training (68 hours) 03/2021 – 06/2021

Pediatrics – Nicklaus Children’s Hospital: Neuro (67.5 hours) 06/2021 – 08/2021

Public Health – Camillus House (90 hours) 08/2021 – 10/2021

Advanced Medical-Surgical III –Memorial Hospital West: Med Surg, ER (135 hours) 11/2021 – 01/2022

Preceptorship- Jackson Memorial Hospital: Transplant (96 hours) 01/2022 – 03/2022


Nurse Aid –
Aventura Hospital
11/2019 – 11/2020

· Provide direct, hands-on care with all activities of daily living. Observe and report any change in resident vital signs or status to the licensed nurse caring for the resident or to the charge nurse.

· Assist with nursing care, restorative therapies, activities, and meals

· Assist with transfers and ambulation

· Under supervision of RN, obtaining vitals and specimens, operating equipment

· Lead and participate in unit activities

· Document as required by federal, state and PACE regulations

· Identify changes in participants’ physical or emotional health, reporting to appropriate staff member.

Correctional Officer –
Florida Department of Correction

Sigma Theta Tau International is accredited as a provider of continuing nursing education by the American Nurses Credentialing Center’s Commission on Accreditation.


Certificate of Completion
Sigma Theta Tau International Honor Society of Nursing officially acknowledges that

has successfully completed the

Nurse Manager Certificate Program

majory joseph


Sigma Theta Tau International is accredited as a provider of continuing nursing education by the American Nurses Credentialing Center’s Commission on Accreditation.


Certificate of Completion
Sigma Theta Tau International Honor Society of Nursing officially acknowledges that

has successfully completed the

Nurse Manager Certificate Program

majory joseph


Submit a one-page paper in APA Style that explains your personal nursing philosophy, your view of health, your growth in critical thinking, and your future role as a nurse. Include your view of health and your thoughts on your future role as a nurse.

Review the rubric for more information on how your assignment will be graded.

Important: After you receive feedback from your instructor on this portfolio item, integrate the suggestions and revise it for your final portfolio submission.


Rubric: Nursing Philosophy

Rubric: Nursing Philosophy




This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeEffects on Health

10 to >8.9 pts

The student provides a thoughtful, descriptive explanation of their beliefs on health.

8.9 to >7.5 pts

The student provides a general explanation of their beliefs on health. Details may be missing and some ideas expressed may be generic, popular opinion, or impersonal.

7.5 to >5.9 pts

The student provides a vague or unclear explanation of their beliefs on health. Details are missing and one does not get a sense of the student’s beliefs on health.

5.9 to >0 pts

The student does not provide personal beliefs on health.

10 pts

This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomePersonal Nursing Philosophy Content

10 to >8.9 pts

The student provides a thoughtful, descriptive personal nursing philosophy. The student includes multiple details to support their thoughts and reasons.

8.9 to >7.5 pts

The student provides a satisfactory, descriptive personal nursing philosophy but some ideas are underdeveloped or vague. The student includes minimal detail to support their thoughts and reasons. Ideas may be generic, popular opinion, or impersonal.

7.5 to >5.9 pts

The student provides a vague or incoherent personal nursing philosophy. The student does not include details to support their thoughts and reasons. Ideas may be confusing or incomplete.

5.9 to >0 pts

The student does not include a personal nursing philosophy.

10 pts

This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeOrganization/Composition

5 to >4.45 pts

The assignment is organized in a clear, co


Nursing Essentials

Majory Joseph

Westcoast University

Nursing Capstone 497

Professor D. Jaramillo


Nursing Essentials

The nursing essentials identify the key competencies that graduate nurses should possess to effectively deliver high-quality care focusing on improvement of outcomes (American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN), 2008). The various education programs, including graduate entry and baccalaureate education, should equip nurses with the skills to deliver the outcomes outlined in the nine essentials. Essential I requires graduates to integrate the knowledge learned from different subjects in nursing practice. For example, using the knowledge learned from performing arts, such as music, to administer holistic care (Sonke et al., 2015).

Essential II recognizes the need for system and organization leadership to deliver quality care and improve patient safety. For example, the leadership skills learned from this education program would be essential in developing effective relationships with other providers to facilitate care coordination (Joseph & Huber, 2015).

Essential III focuses on the integration of evidence-based practice in nursing care. For example, the baccalaureate program facilitates understanding of how to apply current evidence from research to make better clinical decisions and improve patient outcomes. Nurses need the skills to apply evidence-based findings in their practice to make better clinical judgments (Black et al., 2015).

Essential IV recognizes the need for graduate nurses to possess technical skills to apply patient care technology in their practice. For example, graduate nurses are encouraged to understand how to use computers and other information technology systems to collect and ethically use patient data. Digital literacy is the future of the nursing profession (Anderberg et al., 2019).

Essential V requires graduates to understand health policies and other regulatory policies that influence nursing practice. For example, the understanding of the state licensure allows nurses to understand their scope of practice. Understanding health policies allow nurses to effectively perform their advocacy role (Arabi et al., 2014).

Essential VI recognizes the importance of effective communication and collaboration of interdisciplinary healthcare professionals in improving patient outcomes. For example, interprofessional communication skills learned in baccalaureate education allow nurses to develop collegial relationships and trust among healthcare team members. Interprofessional communication skills are essential in developing and implementing collaborative patient care strategies (Busari et al., 2017).

Essential VII emphasizes clinical prevention and the promotion of the health of populations. For examp

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NURS 497 Professional Nursing SMART GOALS

Directions: Write 2 long-term and 3 short-term goals (or vice versa) professional nursing SMART goals. Each goal must be written in the SMART format and include a month and year deadline. In addition, each SMART goal must include 3 Action Steps that need to be accomplished to meet the goal. SMART goals must be related ONLY to your professional nursing career development and growth.

Name Majory Joseph

Short Term Goal 1

To pass the NCLEX-RN test to be licensed as a nurse.

SMART Goal (Month/Year):

Taking and passing my NCLEX-RN test by 2022.

Action Items:

1. Review my books thoroughly on the test is the basis of my career.

2. Working close with my mentors during revision to make sure I am well prepared.

3. Making sure I have the money for the exam fee.

Short Term Goal 2

To join a professional nursing organization

SMART Goal (Month/Year):

To join a professional organization (American Association for Critical-Care Nurses) in 2022.

Action Items:

1. Researching widely on the organization, and getting information on membership guidelines.

2. Choosing the best membership plan for me.

3. Registering as a member.

Long Term Goal 3

To get a specified certification

SMART Goal (Month/Year):

To get a critical care nurse certification (CCRN) by 2026 after taking part-time classes in the course.

Action Items:

1. Registering for the course as a part-time student.

2. Balancing between work and classes.

3. Asking for clarifications at work as I am also building on my practical skills.

Long Term Goal 4

To work in remote places; more like doing charity work.

SMART Goal (Month/Year):

Extend my services to remote areas by 2027 after 5 years of working as a certified nurse.

Action Items:

1. Doing research regarding different remote programs outreach.

2. Join a program that enhances remote areas’ care delivery.

3. Learn about the problems faced by patients in remote areas.

Long Term Goal 5

To become a nurse anesthetist

SMART Goal (Month/Year):

To become by 2032.

Action Items:

1. Acquire 3 years’ experience of working in critical care unit.

2. Enroll and graduate in a doctor of nursing practice program and pass with a 3.5 GPA and higher.


Majory Joseph


Nursing Philosophy

Majory Joseph

NURS 497

Professor D. Jaramillo

February 14, 2022

Nursing Philosophy

A nursing philosophy identifies an individual’s personal beliefs, ethics, motivation, and values in the nursing profession. Standard nursing values are human dignity, respect, autonomy, social justice, and honesty. These core values reflect the nursing profession’s human and spiritual approaches (Karlsson & Pennbrant, 2020). I presume that to enhance the promotion and delivery of care, it is crucial that, as a nurse, I should possess specific fundamental values such as love, empathy, and understanding of the patients’ values to effectively discharge my duties. My nursing philosophy is to provide universal, sensitive, understanding, ethical and accepted care to all patients.

I view health as a holistic concept that encompasses all aspects of comfort. It does not only seek to address the absence of diseases, but also the general well-being of an individual. It is a state where a person is mentally, physically, and socially well. An individual can lead an objective, culturally, and economically productive life. To make decisions that promote efficient care delivery, a nurse must apply critical thinking skills. Growth in critical thinking focuses on traits such as confidence, patience, and creativity (Chan, 2019). By using my critical thinking skills, I pursue to enhance and champion the health of patients. Keeping an open mind, being a team player, and handling challenging tasks are some of the ways in which I have advanced my critical thinking skills.

My future nursing roles would include emergency room (ER) nurse, intensive care unit (ICU) nurse and pediatric nurse. The field of delivering nurse care is evolving, and the roles of nurses have to adjust to these changes. An ER nurse works in a team of other medical professionals to provide care for patients with different illnesses, diseases, and conditions requiring immediate attention. The role of an ICU nurse is to deliver care to patients who suffer from serious diseases, such as heart attack, stroke, or those that have undergone surgery. The role of a pediatric nurse is essential to provide medical care to pediatric patients, including infants, children, or adolescents. A pediatric nurse offers emotional support, guidance, counseling, and education to children and their parents or guardians.


Chan, Z. C. (2019). Nursing students’ view of critical thinking as ‘Own thinking, searching for truth, and cultural influences. Nurse education today78, 14-18. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.nedt.2019.03.015

Karlsson, M., & Pennbrant, S. (2020). Ideas of caring in nursing practice. Nursing Philosophy21(4), e12325. https://doi.org/10.