Complete the Information Literacy Module located in Module 06 Lesson Content before attempting the Module 06 Discussion.

Initial Post:
  • Choose one of the research questions listed below.
  • Does telelmonitoring blood pressure in urban African Americans with hypertension improve blood pressure control within the six months of initiation of the medication?
  • How pregnant women newly diagnosed with diabetes (I) experience reporting their blood sugar levels to their healthcare providers?
  • How effective is acupuncture in improving mobility in elderly male stroke patients in comparison to standard stroke therapy?
  • Design a strategy for a review of the literature.
  • Describe the type of articles you want to locate to examine what is known and not known about this research topic
  • Search for the types of articles you identified relevant to the research question you chose.
  • Save the search history you created and attach to the initial post
  • Describe at least one strategy you learned during this query process including how this new knowledge will help you with future searches of the literature
  • Select one article from your query you believe is most relevant to the research question you selected.
  • Summarize why you believe this article is relevant to the PICO
  • Summarize why this research article is credible and attach the critical appraisal worksheet to this post

NUR3643 Quantitative Critical Appraisal Worksheet.docx

NUR3643 Qualitative Critical Appraisal Worksheet.docx

Responses (minimum of two):
  • Identify a search history you find interesting
  • Describe new knowledge gained from this search strategy and how this information will help you with future searches of the literature
  • Discuss one different approach you would recommend to improve the search strategy selected
  • Provide at least two responses to two different classmates

Please make your initial post by midweek, and respond to at least two other student’s post by the end of the week. Please check the Course Calendar for specific due dates.

NUR3643 Research and Theory

Competency: Compare research methodologies

Review the article that you selected and complete the following analysis

. Be sure to include the permalink for the article you selected.

What is the identified research problem? Does the author include the significance and background of the problem?

Did the author clearly articulate the research purpose? What was the purpose of the research?

Identify the study methodology.

Did the article include a relevant review of the literature? Explain.

Describe the theoretical framework for the research study?

Identify the components of the qualitative research study.

Describe the results of the study along with identified strengths and limitations.

Include appropriate terms for rigor in qualitative research

Discuss the findings including relevancy to clinical practice.

Permalink for the article selected.