Step 1 Prepare a finalized copy of your change project proposal. This finalized copy should include the following:

  • Background (summary of interview with nurse administrator/leader)
  • Research question
  • Literature review (summary of the four approved research articles)
  • Stages of project implementation based on the selected change theory

Include any suggested revisions, edits, or constructive critiques that your instructor, preceptor, and/or interviewee has provided.




Change Project

Amisadai Mederos

Denver College of Nursing

NUR445 – Capstone

Sharon Bator

November 29, 2021

Change Project

Lewin’s Change Theory would work best for the change project regarding geriatrics falls. The theory shows an interaction between individuals and the environment. Individuals have the power to implement change in an environment. It contains three steps in which change happens (Burnes, 2020). The first step is unfreezing. To implement change in an organization, there is a need to identify the need for change and how it will help the organization. In the unfreezing stage, the need for change is identified and the reasons. It involves breaking restraining forces such as poor communication (Burnes, 2020). The driving forces are training and management support. There is problem identification and ensuring support from the management.

The second step in the model is changing. It involves setting a new mindset for the members of the organization and making group decisions (Burnes, 2020). For instance, there can be a group meeting to discuss the problem and the need for change. After the discussion, decisions can be made on the area that requires change and the necessary change that is required. Efficient communication is required during that change process. It is a crucial process because new norms and standards are formulated. It helps in stepping into the final step.

The final step is refreezing. In this step, there is a need to identify how to integrate the change into the culture and any barriers to change. The barriers should be solved through communication and open discussions (Burnes, 2020). A way of sustaining change is also identified, such as a leadership system and promoting a reward system. Therefore, the model suggests that change can be implemented in any organization following the three steps. Efficient application of the theory will eliminate chaos and any instability in an organization.

Stages of Implementing the Change Project

The proposed project is about preventing geriatric falls after an anesthetic procedure. The main problem of focus is if geriatrics under anesthesia given pain medication would be at a lower risk of falls compared to those with no pain medication. From the interview, the director mentions that older adults do not process medicine quickly and are at a higher risk of falls. Aleycia suggests the need for change on the alarm system to identify the specific room where a patient requires help. The first step is unfreezing, where the problem is identified (Burnes, 2020). Communication is required to ensure the problem is well known and the