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Enhancing the Sustainability of EBP Initiatives


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Enhancing the Sustainability of EBP Initiatives

The Good Health hospital implemented an evidence-based initiative in its health care setting which enabled the health care facility to be able to regulate the Covid-19 infections. The Adherence to Infection –control policies was a Covid-19 evidence-based initiative, which contributed to creating positive efforts for cleaning healthcare surroundings, wearing personal protective gear, the implementation of barrier precautions such wearing facial masks, as well as practicing of washing of hands. The initiative also focused on instructing patients to cover their nose and mouth while they cough or sneeze. What’s more , it also promoted the utilization of disposable equipment such as the stethoscopes, blood pressure cuffs as well as thermometers (Leeman et al., 2022). Fundamentally, the evidence-based initiative was quite successful as it allowed the general public to attain a detailed understanding of the seriousness of the Covid-19 pandemic and the adverse effects it has on the society.

Further, the organizational change model that I would utilize in an advanced nursing role to be able to improve the EBP initiatives sustainability would be the Kotter and Cohen’s Model of Change. Kotter and Cohen’s Model of Change gathered information from over 100 organizations’ interviews and were able to process it and propose the key to organizational change. The goal of it is to help people feel directly, they can do so by appealing to their emotions. There are 8 steps which are a part of this model: Create a sense of urgency, create a guiding coalition, create a vision for change, communicate the vision, remove obstacles, create short term wins, consolidate improvements, and create the changes. Kotter model is a simple model to focus on preparing for and accepting change and its transitions. To support it I would also use the IOWA model. The IOWA model was established with an aim of pointing out the problem-focused- trigger of health care issues. Kotter combined with the IOWA model will promote the sustainability of the EBP initiative as it will identify how the Covid-19 infections spread within the health care (“Iowa model of evidence-based practice to promote quality care,” 2019). The Kotter model allowed the prioritization of the issue which is the spread of misinformation of the Covid-19 infection within the organization as it will present patients with the proper information and steps to take when confronting the issue. This allowed the health care providers and other related stakeholders to understand the need for change which co