Primary care office/clinic budget, group of up to 5 people. Budget Scenario:You are managing an office that has at least 150 pts visits a day,  one physician is to see on average 4-5 pts per hour, and one NP is too see about 3-4 pts per hour.  Compose a budget proposal that will include personnel and supply cost. Personnel budget includes NPs, CMAs, office manager, secretaries needed in this office, use FTE as the work load distribution. It is recommended that you interview an office manager to get more information.   Please refer to syllabus for more details. If doing a group project, only one group member can submit the assignment with all group member listed in cover page


Project #2 Guidelines

Simplified Primary Care Office/Clinic Budget Assignment

This assignment is to be completed using Microsoft table or Excel format. All group members must be present during the class presentation in order to receive credits for the project. 

A. You are building a new primary care office. You will need to identify practice location, rent cost, furnishing, practice equipment, office supplies, medical/surgical/medicine/vaccine supplies, office supplies etc… Please state your practice vision, mission, values, and goals. Please select the location of your practice, your target population and service offered. 

B. How many FTE MDs, NPs, medical assistants (CMA), secretary and other personnel are needed in your office? One FTE employee is to work 2080 hours per year, which include at least 120 hours of paid vacation time, 80 hours of sick/personal time, and 8 holidays (64) hours.

The following questions will help you figure out how many FTE are needed in an office

1. How many exam rooms are there in the office? At least 1 per provider, 2 will be optimal. 

2. What is the average daily censes? Expected to be 150-200 for this assignment.

3. How many pts is an MD and a NP expected to see? Average 4 pts/hour for MD, 3 pts/hour for NP. 

5. How many providers does the office need each day?

6. Each CMA is to assist 2 providers; how many CMA FTE are needed for the office? Each day?

7. Each secretary is to assist 3 providers; how many secretaries are needed for the office?

8. Other personnel? Biller? Housekeeping? You decide. 

C. Please set salaries for MD, NP, medical assistant, and office secretary based on your research. All personnel working more than 21 hours a week need to have 25% fringe benefit. What is the unit’s budget for the personnel? 

D. Supply and expense budget for the office for a year

The following item must be included: Office supplies with detail item list, medical-surgical supplies, stock drugs include vaccines, fluid etc., equipment include computer with item list, equipment repairs, telephone and phone line cost, staff training and education, recruitment.

All items, amount of items and cost chosen need to base on research and actual cost such as salary from salary survey data; vaccine from CDC or manufacture sites etc.   

Simplified Primary Care Office/Clinic Budget Assignment

Betsy Abramova, Marie Jusay, Katarina Norte, Sharleen Watt

School of Nursing, Long Island University Brooklyn

NUR 630: The Advanced Practice Role

Dr. Amy Ma

July 5, 2021

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Simplified Primary Care Office/Clinic Budget Assignment


Our mission is to improve the health and wellbeing of our patients by providing our

patients with the best and most comprehensive care. We aim to provide a family-centered

environment in which our patients can feel safe and comfortable. We pride ourselves on the

relationships that we build with our patients and their families. As a practice, we are committed

to continuing education so that we can provide care that is centered in evidence-based practice.

We believe in disease prevention and aim to help our patients foster a healthy lifestyle. We aim to

be efficient and cost-efficient while meeting the needs of our patients. Our physicians and nurses

are recognized for their compassion, experience, knowledge, and commitment to our patients.


Our vision is to be the healthcare provider of choice for the community. We will

transform the healthcare experience of our patients by providing care that considers their medical

diagnosis, cultural, and spiritual beliefs. We believe that each patient is an individual and should

be regarded as such and we will go above and beyond to meet the needs of each patient that

walks through the doors of our practice.


Our practice is guided by four core values:

 Compassion: We provide compassionate care to each individual patient and listen

to every detail all while being sensitive to their needs and making sure that they

are treated with optimal care.

 Teamwork: We work in unison as a team at our practice and allow ideas to flow

amongst all healthcare members.

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We Care Primary Care Office – Budget

Lachan Band, Suzanne Chirayil, Gurpreet Kaur, Phara Pierre

Harriet Rothkopf Heilbrunn School of Nursing, Long Island University

Advanced Practice Role: NUR 630.001

Dr. Amy Ma

Location and Target Population

Canarsie, Brooklyn, NY – 9504 Glenwood Rd, Brooklyn, NY 11236 (Ground and 1st floor)

Ground Floor (4,600 sq. Ft): 5 private offices, 2-bathroom, reception area for maximum of 17 people (option for outside waiting area in the back)

4 Examination rooms and 1 triage room.

1st Floor (4,200 sq. ft): 4 private offices, 2-bathroom, reception area (options for clinic to rent out space for specialists)

3 examination room and 1 lab room

Rent: $22,000/month ($30/sq.ft/yr)

Target population: Age 18 years and older, Low income and

persons with disabilities.

Hours of operation: Monday – Sunday 8:00AM – 5:00PM

According to the New York City Community Health profile, 9% of adults in canarsie are without health insurance, which is one of the lowes rates when comparing to NYC rate of 12% (Hinterland et al., 2018). Moreover, avoidable hospitalization among adults in Canarsie is at a high of 1,342 per 100,000 adults, when compared to 1,033 per 100,00 adults in NYC (Hinterland et al., 2018).. To be clear, avoidable hospitalization are considered ones that are preventable if access to primary care was available. In addition, adult obesity rate in canarsie is 30% when compared to 24% in NYC, and diabetes rate is 14% when compared to 11% in NYC (Hinterland et al., 2018).. This indicates that need for quality care in the area of Canarsie Brooklyn.

The building is located in Canarsie Brooklyn and has 3 floors, we are planning to rent out the ground floor and the first floor. The building does have a new elevator. The ground floor has 5 private room (4 of those rooms will be used as examination rooms and 1 will be used a triage room), it also includes 2 bathrooms and reception are that can accommodate a maximum of 17 people with an option to create a waiting area outside in the back. The 1st floor has 4 private offices (3 examination rooms and 1 lab room), we do have the option to rent out 2 of those examination rooms to specialists. The total rent is $22,000/month.

For reasons mentioned above, target population is adults ages 18 years and older, low income and persons with disabilities.

Hours of operation: Monday – Sunday 8:00AM – 5:00PM


Our private practice is pushing for ease of accessibility to preventati