Respond to at least two of your colleagues’ posts by offering suggestions/strategies for working with this database from your own experience, or offering ideas for use of alternative resources. The database I use was Google Scholar from the Walden University data base.

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Peer-Review Article

The area of practice that interests me is Mental Health. I am interested in the inequality of services offered to mental health patients, the reasons why it happens, and how we can prevent it. After encountering difficulties finding my topic of interest in databases by subject and A-Z, I selected the Thoreau database on Walden’s University Library. I started by placing words such as despair and mental health. Once I found the article, I set the feature to find @ Walden, and then it directed me to ProQuest database. The peer-reviewed article I chose refers to African Americans who do not receive the same healthcare access to diagnose and treat mental illness compared to the Caucasian community. The author explains how “structural and institutional racism” contributes to these despairs (Asonye et al., 2020,” Discussion” section).  The author invites Providers to be aware of their inclinations for or against specific communities and how such tendencies can affect their decisions. After choosing this article, I evaluated the resource by questioning the author’s previous works, when the article was published, and whether the information provided was cited and covered my topic. Walden’s University Library has a list of helpful questions used to evaluate sources (Walden University Library, 2021a).

Difficulties During Research

To find the peer-reviewed article, I began using the Walden Library Databases A-Z, looking by nursing topic and selecting peer-review-all. This process took me to a page with multiple options, such as CINAHL. After looking at two databases and choosing what I thought were the suitable options, I got a wide selection of articles. None of these articles pertained to my specific subject of interest.  I decided to start my research with a different approach. The Walden Library offers an immediate start research box by subject.  I selected nursing, and then on the nursing page, I chose nursing journals and Nurse & Allied journals by subject (Walden University, 2021). I realized that I would have to look at each journal to find my topic of interest. This way of researching was time-consuming, and I would have picked an article that was not of my specific interest to finish my work on time.

Thoreau is a multi-database offered by Walden University.  This database, like others, does not have every subject from the library. Thoreau is a recommendable database search for graduate students to find various topics, see the research location, get help with small assignments, and search articles for discussions. Thoreau cannot be utilized for a Doctoral capstone because it is limited to Walden (Walden University Library, 2021b). I recommend Thoreau for less complex tasks but not for projects that require search-specific databases. Since Thoreau is a Multid