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Nurse shortages have been happening all over this country due to various reasons. The current issue is based on the Covid-19 pandemic. Lately, healthcare professionals have been in fear for their safety and health because they are afraid of contracting the virus. Even though, the available vaccine has been made accessible, they are still individuals who are in doubt it this solution may or may not be successful. Therefore, the ones who are NOT vaccinated end up resigning their position due to that reason and the overwhelming of the health system. Research also shows that nearly 1 million nurses will retire by the year 2030, adding to the shortage and creating even more need (University, 2020). In addition, there is the fact of current nurses feeling burnout because the more nurses that quit, the more pressure the remaining nurse must take on to take care of their patients. Imagine, having to tackle twice the workload than expected because there isn’t anyone else to help you.

Some nurses graduate and start working and then determine the profession is not what they thought it would be (Haddad, Annamaraju, & Toney-Butler, 2020). Also, with newly graduated nurses who are fresh from the university, they may suffer some low self-esteem because they’re probably no health educators to teach them on the floor and therefore, have to figure thing out for themselves along with the lack of training resources. The fact is that the current employed nurses in the hospitals may have reached the age range of 45-65 years and are facing retirement. The hospitals right now need nurses on the floor which is why the employment rates are increasing more than ever. The last reason I can think of for a nurse shortage is based on the advanced technology. The high-tech monitors and electronic systems are making the workplace easier to manage with a simple push of a button. However, it seems like they are also doing all the work. If you think about it, in the future we might as well have robots doing our intended job and having the patients talking to a computer monitor than an actual human being. The process of hiring foreign nurses abroad can take time because they might speak the language, have the documentation to stay in the United States, or have the qualifications to practice nursing. If the nations put their resources in doing training ground for the younger generations for them to be inspired to go to field of nursing or medicine maybe, we would be gaining more than losing. One of the Sustainable developmental goals I chose is based on promoted health promotion for all ages. A community nurse can achieve this goal by providing health resources for those vulnerable population who can’t afford standard treatment to get the necessary immunizations, screening, and treatment they need.



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