Respond to  two of your colleagues by offering additional ideas to overcome the barriers to strategies suggested by your colleagues and/or by offering additional ideas to facilitate dissemination. 

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Kerri Hutchins

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Improving practice through evidence not only helps lower healthcare costs, improve healthcare outcomes and patient safety, but it also helps to increase job satisfaction for medical professionals (Kim, et al, 2016). Disseminating information about widely cited evidence-based practices is an important part of moving our healthcare system forward. According to Melnyk (2012), it often takes several years for the results of research to be put into practice and actually affect patient care.

The first strategy that I would utilize to disseminate EBP information would be unit-level education.  I would initially provide an in-service to provide education about the EBP that would be beneficial to our unit.  I would also utilize a second strategy of unit posters as well as a unit-based champion to help reinforce the positive results of the EBP. Barriers to this types of information being learned and then used in practice would be each persons willingness to learn something new and change the way they may be used to doing something.  I would combat this by starting out the presentation with information about evidence-based practice as well as provide a fact-sheet about the evidence in the research that is being presented. Another way I would combat this would be to lead by example and try to demonstrate the EBP in every day practice.  Melnyk et al (2011) stated that in order “for clinicians to change their practices to be evidence based, both their beliefs about the value of EBP and their confidence in their ability to implement it must be strengthened.”  Encouraging and supporting fellow nurses along the way would also help in building confidence in staff.

Two strategies that I would not utilize for EBP would be podium presentations at a national or state level.  Although I’m sure this type of presentation would be beneficial, I feel that I could do the most good educating others about EBP within the organization I work for. Working towards change within my own organization might seem like a small step for EBP but I think it is how I can best serve the movement towards utilizing EBP in practice.




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