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Due by 11/19/21

Assignment directions:

· Create a 15-20 slide PowerPoint presentation (not including the title and reference slides) that include the following (APA format):

1. Title of your project

2. Background on your topic

3. Statement of the problem with PICOT question

4. Proposed Interventions/implementations

5. Relevant Nurse Theorists

6. Literature Review (you can place just the author and title of the articles you used and verbally summarize your conclusions)

7. Recommendations for Change

8. Overall Practicum Experience

9. References

See capstone paper to create PowerPoint.


Capstone Project

Olivia Timmons

Department of Nursing. St. Johns River State College

NUR 4949: Nursing Capstone

Dr. C. Z. Velasco

November 14, 2021

Capstone Project

There is a saying that states one can only learn through doing it, practically and physically. It is the explanation as to why it is very important to implement the skills acquired in theory into practice to ascertain one’s competence. This is even more crucial in the medical field as they have no choice but just to be perfect at what they are doing, the only secret is through practice. Practicums connect the two worlds of theory and classwork, thus breaking the monotony alongside connecting what was taught in class with what happens in the field. They are important as apart from sharpening the student’s skills, they also open a window of opportunity and build up connections that will come in handy for the student later on. They will feel the experience and the pressure that comes with it thus preparing themselves accordingly.

Statement of the Problem

Timing is essential in the nursing field and the Emergency Room is notorious for its long wait times. The goal of a clinical laboratory is to deliver medically useful results for patients on a timely basis. This goal can be hindered by the new paradigm of the modern laboratory – “do more with less” (Lopez, 2020). When implementing new care models for patients, the patient perspective is critical. The objective of this study was to describe and develop an understanding of the information needs of patients in the ED waiting room concerning ED wait time notification (Calder, 2021). As a patient arrives at the ER waiting area, it’s critical to have lab results for the provider to evaluate. I can give you an example of a patient that waited in the waiting room for over 3 hours, no labs were completed because they were waiting for the patient to go back into a room. The patient was suffering from a heart attack and his troponins were elevated and no one knew until 3 hours later. If POC labs were done on all patients as soon as they arrived, mistakes like these can be avoided. Completed POC blood can cut the wait times in half and the laboratory also won’t be backed up on resulting lab specimens. 

PICOT Question

Question: Is there a significant decrease in Emergency Department patient length of stay (LOS) for those whose blood was analyzed using POC testing versus those whose blood was analyzed using laboratory testing?

· P-Population= emergency room patients 

· I-Intervention or Exposure= POC testing of blood specimens  

· C-Comparison= Laboratory blood specimens 

· O-Outcome= Decrease pat