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The introduction should:

Define the topic.

How prevalent is the problem?

Are there distinguishing types of Elder Abuse?

How does this affect the nursing population?

Why is this topic an ethical dilemma for nurses/nursing profession?

There should not be an “I” statements or opinions voiced in the introduction section—there will be a place for that in the Professional Response section.

· Use the rubric heading for this section of the paper (in fact, put all rubric headings in following the introduction so they are

not overlooked when you are writing the rest of the paper).

· The paper introduction should be submitted in APA style (7th edition).

· The following website is a quick and helpful tool to use when writing in APA style.


· The introduction will vary in length but should be at least one page (double-spaced 12-pt. font text).

Rubric for Ethical Nursing dilemma in elderly abuse

(Develop the paper under the bolded sub-topics)

INTRODUCTION……… Clearly and effectively communicates an introduction of the theme/objective of the ethics topic……Two scholarly nursing journal article citation (APA format)

Ethical Dimension of Elder Abuse—– talk more about the topic and has follow up sentences which provide additional support- one Scholarly nursing journal article citation (APA Format).

The relevance of Elder Abuse in the Nursing Profession……. (why is this an ethical dilemma in today’s society) —— one scholarly nursing journal article citation (APA Format)

Analysis of Relevant Ethical Principles, Theories, Laws, and Standards of Practice……. should be clearly defined and applied to the topic……one scholarly nursing journal article citation (APA Format)

Personal Professional Response to ethical dilemma in elder abuse… Clearly and effectively presents one’s personal PROFESSIONAL response to the issue.

Conclusion…. Reflection of what you learnt (good summary clearly articulated)


No spelling, grammar, or APA format errors.

Topic being developed in the body of the paper must contain a professional Journal article citation within the windows of 2016 to 2021. Preferably SCHOLARLY NURSING JOURNAL ARTICLE. Seven pages excluding references page.