Draft a 3-5 page change proposal to executive leaders, soliciting their support for a change to the health care system in the community you selected in the previous assignment.


Planning for Community and Organizational Change

Jessica Ramos

Capella University

FPX 6218: Leading the Future of Health Care

Dr. Donna Ryan

November 28, 2021


Change Proposal

Considering the healthcare issues affecting Jordan town and its surroundings, there is a

need for critical stakeholders to foster corporate social responsibility (CSR). For the change

proposal, some stakeholders will participate directly in decision-making while others will engage

through policy formulation. The change proposal will encompass the establishment of an

enthusiastic community health personnel to coordinate precise outreach, targeted check-up

initiatives, and home visits to educate the residents about quality care service provisions. There

must be an appropriate assessment of the healthcare system in the rural region (Adler, 2012). Most

people do not have access to quality healthcare services, cannot afford education and care services,

and lack access to high-quality and safe basic facilities such as food and other essential services

(Winterton et al., 2014). Hence, the central role of the project staff would be identifying healthcare

concerns among the vulnerable groups and adopting the appropriate measures to address them,

such as drafting policies to improve social and economic statuses in the region.


Benefits and Implications

Based on the organizational change, community health components will only work in

collaboration and correlation. The coordination of facets will warrant that the financial resources

allocated for the area to address the healthcare issues will be utilized effectively and for the

residents’ benefits, including students (Winterton et al., 2014). Some of the core benefits in

managing the social and economic matters collectively are using the resources effectively and

prioritizing primary issues. There will be proper chronic disease diagnosis of various health

concerns and increased mental health awareness and education in several schools (Adler, 2012).

Markedly, innovation and collaboration are core principles in handling healthcare issues in low


socioeconomic areas like Jordan city (Capella University, 2021). Effectual implementation of the

community change will set a cornerstone for other federal initiatives and programs by eradicating

fallacies, including healthy lifestyles (Stroh, 2015). Some other benefits attributable to community

improvement entail reducing healthcare costs, improving education facilities, and re-opening