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Healthcare Policy and Delivery System

Every politically active individual in the United States of America, including the president and the chief executive officers, among other political figures, are responsible for influencing policy changes in one way or the other. The development of political knowledge and power skills, which are fundamental in influencing the difference in the health care industry, is critical to the nurses as they catapult them to positions of power and responsibility. Through mentoring, education and daily experiences will learn the various policy ropes (“10 management agencies and advocates,” 2021). The nurses who are new to politics and the most experienced nurses have unlimited chances of expanding their knowledge and involvement in the policy development, policy amendments, and other practices that can lead to the betterment of the Healthcare delivery practices.

Through our experience, we improve our skills as we engage in politics and policy development processes, giving us practical experience. There are infinite courses and challenges as well as social issues in the Healthcare industry worth motivating our interest, including issues such as discrimination, inadequate financing and, absence of appropriate assets in the Healthcare industries, marginalization of some Communities during the allocation of healthcare funds and assets, under insurance, high cost of accessing health care services among others (Hawkins & Tremblay, 2021). When the nurses are involved in the policy arena, the doors to diverse opportunities are opened for the nurses to influence health care policy actively and participate in leadership roles. I have been actively involved in the policy development policy and management and other areas that influence healthcare decisions by being active in the Healthcare policy advocacy.

One of the situations in which I became active in advocacy as a nurse was during a period where discrimination and vices such as racism while driving the Healthcare decisions in the Healthcare organization I worked. In most cases, the minorities such as the African Americans and the American Indians and Alaska natives and the Asian communities in the region where I operated were denied quality care services, and most of them were underinsured. The mortality rates among these communities were higher, especially in the Labor wards. As a nurse, I became active in advocating for impartiality in providing healthcare services and equal treatment of every patient regardless of their personal qualities, nationality or religious beliefs. I was able to positively influence the organization’s culture through policy development in which age word with the nurses who are practicing discriminatory healthcare delivery and other vices such as racism are held accountable and the appropriate legal actions. The Healthcare organization has witnessed improvement in the Healthcare networks, such as a decrease in mortality rates, readmission rates and improved quality of care outcomes for the minority communities to be at Par with the white natives .


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