Description 1. How does Chandler’s novel relate to its time and place (L.A. 1930s)? How does the setting help create atmosphere and a sense of realism? And, what comments is the book making on social issues during that period? Give examples. 2. Explore the role of women in Chandler’s novel (Vivian, Carmen, Agnes, and Mona). How are these female characters depicted—victims, femme fatales, sex objects, or something else? What kind of power do any of them have? Do any suffer from West’s disease? Explain and give examples. 3. What elements and devices make Chandler’s novel an example of hard boiled detective fiction? Give examples. 4. There are several symbols or motifs in the book (greenhouse, orchids, knight, stained glass, chessboard, oilfields, etc.). Explore what their point is in the narrative, and give examples. 5. Explore the villains in the novel—Eddie Mars, Joe Brody, Arthur Gwynn Geiger, Carol Lundgren, and Harry Jones. What does the depiction of these criminals say about corruption, crime, and deception in America? Give examples. 6. What kind of private eye is Philip Marlowe? How is he depicted in the novel? Explain why he is such an iconic character? Give examples. 7. Examine the novel’s style. What makes it realistic, minimalist, and direct. Explore the use of language, dialogue, slang, exposition, description, and any other aspects that are relevant. Give examples. 8. Marlowe has 2 positives friendships—with Bernie Ohls and Gen. Sternwood. How does he relate to them and why? What is the novel saying about male friendship, integrity, and loyalty? Give examples. 9. How does Chandler make use of the 2 types of suspense throughout the novel? Give examples from the novel. 10. How can the novel be viewed with class issues in mind? Upper, middle, lower, criminal? How are ideas like wealth, poverty, privilege, and entitlement portrayed? Give examples. 11. How are sex and violence depicted in the novel? Give examples. 12. Although romance is not supposed to figure in detective fiction, make a case that Chandlers’ novel is really a modern version of a courtly chivalric romance. Give examples. 13. Chandler’s novel has been honoured by being included in the Library of America and Everyman’s Library. These 2 publications are reserved for the finest literature. What makes The Big Sleep such a literary classic that is still popular with modern audiences? Give examples. RUBICS: Typed, double spaced. Standard font and margins. Length—4-5 pages of analysis, or 1000-1300 words. Upload as a docx, PDF, or RTF to the assignment Dropbox in Brightspace. Use quotations from the novel and notes to support claims and analysis. Create a catchy title, intriguing opening sentence, general intro, clear and detailed thesis. The thesis can be a How or Why question; or start the statement with While…, Although…, Despite…, If…., Use a 2nd paragraph to define key terms, briefly summarize the plot or add background/context. Design logical paragraphs, smooth transitions, and an appropriate conclusion. No outside sources are needed, but if you do use any, they must be properly cited (MLA or APA). Edit and revise your prose. Tags: world war ii social issues Realism corruption The Big Sleep User generated content is uploaded by users for the purposes of learning and should be used following Studypool’s honor code & terms of service.