Description Discuss the three reading selections on the use of camouflage in a multi-paragraph analysis essay, choosing three of the following six elements to incorporate in your analysis: writer’s purpose writing tone and style reader’s goal discipline-specific language discipline-specific features organization For this writing assignment, your response should be convincing, thoughtful, and detailed, showing various points that support your beliefs on the impact of discipline-specific features on these three readings. Logical evidence that backs up your opinion should be used throughout. The analysis essay should clearly explain how you think at least three of the following features impact each of the readings from this unit: writer’s purpose, writing tone and style, reader’s goal, discipline-specific language, discipline-specific features, and organization. The first paragraph will offer an interesting introduction of the topic and present your particular view of it. The next three or four paragraphs need to include main points that develop your claim, evidence to support them, analysis explaining how the evidence supports the main point, and transitions (links) connecting one paragraph to the next. Your final paragraph should consist of concluding remarks that effectively offer some memorable thoughts on your topic that push readers’ understanding and challenge them to look at this topic in a new way. The grading rubric below will help you develop your paper. This is a paper and I have to type it into another system. Please indicate which is the thesis and the paragraphs. Tags: animal kingdom Biomimicry societal setups art of camouflage art of imitation User generated content is uploaded by users for the purposes of learning and should be used following Studypool’s honor code & terms of service.