Description Instructions Budget Justification Letter You have submitted a purchase request to your boss for $500 worth of 16 oz. cups and small rubber footballs. These items will have your organization’s patch or logo on them with a smoke alarm installation message. You intend to pass these materials out at community events including parades, high school football games, and other community interactions. Your boss has asked you to justify your request. In a two-page memo to your boss, Larry Pine, justify this expense by explaining the following benefits: how economic incentives prevent fires and injuries, how this local program of passing out informative items reduces community risk, how this program aligns with other national programs to reduce risk, and how the benefit of using this public education method can socially reduce risk in the community. Click here to view the letter template you will follow for your formal budget letter. If you include any sources, ensure that you cite and reference them in APA style. Review the rubric before you submit your letter. 1 attachments Slide 1 of 1 attachment_1 attachment_1 UNFORMATTED ATTACHMENT PREVIEW [Insert Your Name] [Insert Fictitious Fire Station Address] [Insert Fictitious Fire Station City, State, and Zip] [Insert the Date] Larry Pine Fire Station 1 ABC Lane ABC Town, USA 12345 Dear Mr. Pine, [Insert the content of your memo here. This should be a minimum of two pages] Sincerely, [Insert Your Name] [Insert Your Real or Fictitious Title] Purchase answer to see full attachment Tags: fire prevention Budget Justification Letter fires and injuries issues of fire protection fire prevention mechanisms User generated content is uploaded by users for the purposes of learning and should be used following Studypool’s honor code & terms of service.