Description Week 8 Information Systems Operations and Analysis APA Style Question Part 1 Discussion Prompt 1-3 Paragraphs Discuss three (3) examples of computer incidents or computer crime that occurred in the healthcare industry within the past year. Briefly describe what happened in each incident, and how it could potentially be avoided using what you now know. Part 2 (Please Separate this part to a different Word Document) Week 8 Signature Assignment: Culminating Project Throughout the course, you have worked through the various concepts surrounding information systems operations using a fictional department/institution that you created. As the administrator of your fictional department/institution, you have been tasked with submitting an overview of the information systems operations you have created to senior management. This signature assignment will show what you have learned by synthesizing pieces of each of your previous assignments to compile an overview of the information systems operations you have created. Before you compile all of your work, be sure to edit your original submissions by applying the feedback from your instructor. The grading rubric used for this signature assignment will include scoring for the application of instructor feedback. For this assignment: Introduce the overview of information systems in your organization, what the paper will include, and why this information is important (new section) Detail the areas of concern and the areas of concern and the areas of strength for the organization’s information systems operations (from Week 1) Discuss the communication software/application selected for the organization and how the implementation will improve the organization from an information systems perspective (from Week 2) Address the database selection, as well as the advantages and potential disadvantages for using the intended database (from Week 3) Outline the ERP implementation and what that means for the organization (from Week 4) Explain which EMR/EHR product you believe is best for the organization and the pros and cons for the selection (from Week 5) Identify how the EMR/EHR will be implemented into the organization (from Week 6) Explain the use of business intelligence in your overview, as well a potential areas of concern when it comes to cyberthreats (new section from Week 7) Summarize the overall information systems operations health and future within the organization (new section) Write a conclusion for your overview (new section) Your 10- to 12-page culminating project is a formal assignment and should take the form of a well-researched and well-sourced paper in current APA Style. Each of the components should be well-organized and flow from topic to topic. Be sure to include both a title page and a reference list in current APA Style of all of the sources used. You will need to use three peer-reviewed sources in your assignment. *Note: The majority of this project will come from the assignments already completed in this course. While the page limits may seem high, that is because once you compile work from your previous assignments, a good portion of the page number requirements will be met. ***Comments from the Teacher from all Assignments*** always end your formal papers with a solid, strong, separate, well-developed ‘conclusion’ paragraph. Define/spell-out all acronyms in your formal papers EMR/EHR Implementation Outline There is very good information in this numbered list; however, it is not in an ‘outline’ format – required in this assignment. An outline is…. I. A. 1. a. Please make sure you end your formal papers with a strong, solid, ‘separate’, well-developed ‘conclusion’ paragraph. Tags: information systems MEDICAL ERRORS Electronic health records IT treatment and diagnosis User generated content is uploaded by users for the purposes of learning and should be used following Studypool’s honor code & terms of service.