Reflect on the study plan you created in NRNP 6665. Did you accomplish your SMART goals? What areas of focus still present opportunities for growth?

Study Plan

Lakme O’Connell

Walden University

NRNP 6665-PMHNP Care Across Life span 1

Dr. Wendy Hopkins

Study Plan

The Prac)ce test has given me new perspec)ve on how the PMHNP board exam will be. It gave

me the opportunity to see where my weakness and strengths are. I must concentrate on the

pharmacology aspect, becoming familiar with mainstream drugs used for various disorders, their

uses, side e0ects, adverse e0ects, dosages, and o0 label drug uses, drug interac)ons and lab work

that required for medica)on therapy. Be3er understanding of the material will allow me to be

more con4dent when taking the PMHNP board exam.

Strengths and opportunity for improvement: My strengths are behavioral disorders and

psychotherapy. Since I have worked with adolescents, I am more familiar with this aspect. I am an

empathe)c listener and maintain calm and nonjudgmental a7tude when interac)ng with

pa)ents, allowing for transparency. I intend to concentrate on pharmacology to broaden my

knowledge and become an informed mental health prac))oner.

Smart goals: I have started to do 50 pharmacology prac)ce ques)ons twice a week, using

textbooks used in the prior class, and various online sites.

I will compile a list for 4rst line/second line an)psycho)cs and various psychiatric disorders they

are used for, keeping in mind the popula)on I serve. Becoming familiar by studying the uses, side

e0ects, interac)ons with other medica)ons, adverse e0ects, therapeu)c ranges, and labs that are

required for certain medica)ons.

Alloca)ng speci4c )mes during the week (2-4 hours) to study from various modes of learning

such as books, media, videos, and prac)ce tests, so I can obtain knowledge using all the senses.

My goal is to become a very knowledgeable and competent psychiatric mental health nurse


Resources to accomplish my goals: I am going to study from ANCC IQ 200 PMHNP ques)ons,

PMHNP Pocket prep, Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse prac))oner, 4th edi)on, and Board vitals. I

plan to take exam review course, just before taking my board exam. Studying from various books

will give me broader perspec)ve on how ques)ons are wri3en and become familiar with the

stem of the