This assignment provides an opportunity to get comfortable by talking about something you are passionate about. This can be how to make your favorite meal, how to take your blood pressure, how running affects your health. etc. 

The topic is YOUR CHOICE. 

A sample outline is attached as well as a sample video in the folder. 


Today I will show you how to take your pulse in 3 easy steps.

today I will talk about three reasons I like surfing.

Three reasons why exercise is good for you.

Persuasive Speech Preparation Worksheet

Name _____________________________________
Section ______________________________________

1. What is the topic of your speech? _____________________________________________________________


2. Are you speaking on a question of fact, value, or policy? ___________________________________________


3. What is your specific purpose statement? ______________________________________________________


4. Can you answer yes to all the questions on the Specific Purpose Checklist found in your textbook? _________

5. Is your speech meant to achieve passive agreement or immediate action from your audience? ____________


6. What is your central idea? ___________________________________________________________________


7. Can you answer yes to all the questions on the Central Idea Checklist found in your textbook? ____________

8. What is the target audience for your speech? How will you adapt your speech to be persuasive to your target audience? Be specific. ________________________________________________________________________


9. What method(s) of gaining attention do you use in the introduction? ________________________________


10. How do you establish your credibility in the introduction? ________________________________________


11. Write the preview statement you will use in your introduction. ____________________________________


12. Can you answer yes to all the questions on the Speech Introduction Checklist found in your textbook? _____

13. What method of organization do you use in the speech? _________________________________________


14. State in full sentences the main points to be developed in the body of your speech. ____________________


15. Can you

Sample Student Speech Outline
(Informative Speech )

TOPIC:  Firelines
SPECIFIC PURPOSE:  To demonstrate to the audience how to make a fireline. ( sample)

    A.    Attention-getter: Ask the audience a interesting question
    B.    Purpose: state the purpose of your presentation. Sample: You will now know how to make a fireline.
    C.    Credentials: Last Summer I worked as a firefighter for the USDA Forest Service.
        1.  I worked in the Engine 32 in the SNF. 
        2.  Most of the stuff I know about making firelines, I learned from the captain in my engine. 
            a.  His name is Scott Newquist.
            b.  He has been working as a firefighter for about 15 years.
    D.    Preview: Today I will show you how to make a fireline, what tools we use to make them, and how we carry and use the tools in the line.
    E.    Relation of topic to the audience: Knowing this might give you an idea of what, us, firefighters do, when we are working in fires.

[Transition:  OK now let’s start by showing you how we dress when we are in the line and the tools we use]

    A.    There is proper attire for fighting fires.
        1.    Nomex pants
        2.    Nomex yellow long-sleeve shirts
        3.    Hardhat
        4.    Eye protection
        5.    Boots
        6.    Line gear (water, fuses, fire shelter)
        7.    Lightning gear (food and extra clothes)

[Firelines are constructed by using hand tools or mechanized equipment, such as bulldozers or tractor-plows, to remove surface and subsurface fuels down to mineral soil.  But I am going to show only how to make a fireline using hand tools.]

    B.    I will now show you how to use the various tools and how to carry them.
        1.    Pulaski
        2.    McLeod
        3.    Shovel


    C.    Here are the different steps involved in the fireline
        1.    Before we start the fireline, we need to find an anchor point (explain what is an anchor point)
        2.    Tools order
            a.   Usually 5 persons in an engine
                1)    Light fuels (1 Pulaski, 3 McLeod, 1 shovel)
                2)    Medium fuels (2 Pulaski, 2 McLeod, 1 shovel)
                3)    Heavy fuels (Chain saw, 2 Pulaski, 1 McLeod, 1 shovel)
            b.    10 feet apart (for safety)
            c.    Assign each member a portion of the line
                1)    When done with your portion, move to the head of the line
                2)    Make sure everybody knows you are walking by
            d.    Keep doing the same until the line in completed

    A.    Review:  In this speech, I showed you how to make a fireline.
    B.    Restate purpose:  Know you guys know how to make a fireline.
    C.    Memorable ending:  If someday, you go into firefighting, make sure that you follow the safety standards, if not, your life might be at stake!!!