Need help during finals week. Can anyone help me with questions on a project in Health Informatics in Nursing?

Methodist College

N100: Nursing Seminar

“Interview a BSN”


The purpose of this assignment is to understand the role of a professional nurse and their place within the healthcare team and be inspired to emulate these nurses in a professional manner in one’s own practice.


Interview a practicing BSN and describe their experience or career thus far. Ask them the following questions and then summarize their answers in 3-5 pages. Format the paper according to APA guidelines.


1. Describe your present position

2. Describe your educational journey. Was it important for the position that you presently hold?

3. What is your definition of nursing?

4. Which of these statements would you consider your current focus of practice?

a. Promoting health and wellness

b. Preventing illness

c. Restoring health

d. Caring for the dying

5. What is the setting that you currently practice in? (hospital, clinic, specialty office, etc.)

6. What stage would you be considered in Benner’s Stages of Nursing Expertise?

a. Novice: no experience, limited performance and governed by policies and procedures

b. Advanced Beginner: first two years in practice, recognizes situations and can make judgements, still needs some assistance

c. Competent: 2-3 years’ experience; good organizational skills; Can prioritize; can multi-task

d. Proficient: 3-5 years’ experience; holistic understanding of client, improved decision making and focused on long-term goals

e. Expert: highly proficient, flexible; doesn’t require rules or guidelines to understand situation; intuitive and analytic; has “gut” feelings that help in decision making

7. What role(s) would you describe in your present position? (provider of care, educator, manager, researcher, collaborator, patient advocate, counselor, change agent, or case manager)

8. Do you belong to a professional organization? Which one and why?

9. What do you see as the biggest influence on your practice today?

a. Healthcare reform

b. Nursing shortage

c. Consumer demand

d. Changing technology

e. Legislation

10. What part of this person’s career has inspired you the most? How do you foresee yourself in the future at the same time/point in your career?

11. What have you learned in this course that confirms what you thought about nursing? What have you learned that is new to your understanding of nursing? Give examples.



Points Possible

Points Earned

Describes the nurse’s present job position and education journey.


1. I am a nurse on a surgical-trauma unit functioning as a staff nurse and also as a charge nurse. I have worked on the same unit for 7 years, 4 as a CNA and 3 as nurse.

2. My educational journey has been a complex one. I originally received a degree in biology in 2015 when I attained my CNA license. I then went back to nursing school to achieve my associate’s degree in 2019 while working full time. I received my bachelor’s degree in 2021. I think all of my experience has helped form me into a well-rounded nurse. My biology degree provided me a robust science background, my associate’s degree helped shape my nursing skills, and my bachelor’s degree helped me with the leadership role that I hold as a charge nurse.

3. Nursing to me is a multidisciplinary approach to caring of illnesses, promotion of health, and prevention of future illnesses. Nursing is both an art and a science, as many of us who practice nursing feel called to the role of caretaker, but also are highly skilled professionals that utilize science to make medical decisions.

4. My current focus of practice would fall under the category of restoring health. As a nurse on a surgical recovery unit, my primary role is to return people to their level of functioning prior to their procedure.

5. I currently practice in a 43 bed surgical-trauma hospital floor.

6. According to Benner’s Stages of Nursing Expertise, I would be considered proficient as a nurse.

7. As a nurse, I hold many of these roles and they are all equally important. Throughout my daily tasks, I am a provider of care through medication administration, daily care needs, procedures, and other care needs for my patients. I provide education for patients with complex drains that they may be going home with. I collaborate with physicians, CNAs, social work, therapy, and other providers to create a plan of care for my patients. As charge nurse, I am a manager and patient advocate for the unit.

8. I do not belong to any professional organizations.

The nursing shortage is the number one influence on my practice. I cannot provide adequate care for patients while I’m doing the work of two, sometimes three other people. This leads to complications including but not limited to DVTs due to decreased mobility, pressure sores from missing turns, falls from inadequate assistance to transfer patients, and many other things.