Instructions attached! Deadline: Wednesday May 18th, 9pm Pacific Time 

Project Timeline Graphic Organizer

The purpose of this assignment is to develop a graphic timeline for the development of your project. At a minimum, be sure to include the deadline or timeframe for your:

· Project approval (Week 6)

· Education development (Week 7-9)

· Stakeholder education (Week 7-9)

· Implementation date (Week 10)

· Assessment of initial outcomes/implementation (Week 14)

· Reassessment of outcomes (Week 16)

Include the roles and responsibilities of stakeholders in each implementation step. Be sure to provide sufficient detail. Please keep in mind some of the dates may be after your practicum has ended.

APA style is not required, but solid academic writing is expected. 

This assignment uses a rubric. Please review the rubric prior to beginning the assignment to become familiar with the expectations for successful completion. 


Deadline or Timeframe for Project Approval 

6.75 points

expand Deadline or Timeframe for Education Development assessment

Deadline or Timeframe for Education Development

6.75 points

expand Deadline or Timeframe for Stakeholder Education assessment

Deadline or Timeframe for Stakeholder Education 

6.75 points

expand Deadline or Timeframe for Implementation Date assessment

Deadline or Timeframe for Implementation Date 

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expand Deadline or Timeframe for Assessment of Initial Outcomes/Implementation assessment

Deadline or Timeframe for Assessment of Initial Outcomes/Implementation 

6.75 points

expand Deadline or Timeframe for Reassessment of Outcomes assessment

Deadline or Timeframe for Reassessment of Outcomes 

6.75 points

expand Mechanics of Writing assessment

Mechanics of Writing 

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expand Layout of Graphic Organizer assessment

Layout of Graphic Organizer

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Practicum Project Plan/Proposal

The setting for my practicum project is within the Wound Care Department at my current employer, which has been scoring poorly when it comes to communication. I will be working with the department director Ms. Sylvia Coleman, and the project aim is to promote excellent communication within the department in order to provide an improvement on patient satisfaction ratings for the hospital. We need to give people a reason to care in order to promote a more pleasant and less stressful place to work we needed to work on the communication process amongst staff members and patients (Mazhisham et al., 2021). I found that a lot of the unsatisfactory comments regarding care were coming from the communication process within the department. 

The tools I used were the different tools that the hospital uses which were the discharged patient surveys as well as inpatient score cards. I will be using the information given to decipher the problems in communication that are most common from each of the surveys collected within the last 3 months and compare them with the patient surveys prior to the change of ownership. Ongoing inpatient surveys using score cards will be used, along with discharge patient surveys to obtain the sustainability of this project. I chose to work with the Wound Care Department because I conducted some brief research and found that there were a lot of comments regarding gaps in communication in the patient surveys that were collected from their specific patients. Coincidently, these comments increased after the hospital went through a change of ownership. In order to gain a better rating from patients receiving wound care I will have to put in quite a bit of work on revamping the communication tools used for them. The current tool appeared very confusing to me, and by improving this tool it will help reconcile individual patient wound care orders, improve patient satisfaction, and increase the quality of care.  

Leadership Journal Template


Weeks Covering: 16 weeks


Clinical/Practicum Site: SFMC

Hours Worked (past two weeks):_36__

Total Hours: __36__/150 total of all hours worked up to this point

Practicum Activities Reflection:

I selected the wound care department as the focus of my practicum because there is a significant communication problem to be resolved. It has been discovered that the department scored poorly with patients in regard to communication. My first activity was to observe the scorecards collected from patients during the last three months at their discharge or from outpatient services. Communication is an essential tool between doctors, nurses, and patients so I had to find the reason for poor communication and the solutions needed to resolve them. It was also discovered that the communication scores dropped after the hospital went through a change of ownership.

The scorecards revealed that the patients were not satisfied with the care, and they complained that the doctors and nurses do not come to ask about their well-being and do not discuss their issues with them. My second activity was communicating with the directors, nurses, and the other hospital staff to know how they communicate with the patients. The patients do not need wound care treatment only, but they require the proper care overall. If the proper care is not given to the patients, the patient flow will decrease in the coming months. The patient satisfaction level is directly related to the number of patients and the department’s reputation. The surveys will continue to be collected throughout the practicum because I want to know the effect of ownership change and staff behavior toward the patients. The ownership change might also affect the staff behavior with the patients. The last three months were proved to be critical for the patients because it was found that there were soar comments about the hospital administration.

I observed that leadership styles are essential in the improvement of communication. Communication with the patients is essential because it brings value to the treatment, and the patient’s satisfaction will be enhanced. I will continue the survey of the patients to know the other impacts. I expect that these activities will help me improve the communication process, and the patients will feel better.

Application of Leadership:

Professional responsibility and power, authenticity, integrity, and emotional intelligence are key factors of multiple leadership styles. During the observation and involvement of the preceptor activities, I felt that these factors were neglected. There was no element of emotional intelligence and authenticity in the leadership styles. During conversation with my preceptor, I realized