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Women and Newborn Health Nursing

Parent Newborn Teaching Plan Assignment

Purpose: To demonstrate effective teaching/learning skills for the childbearing family. Topics: The topic is bottle feeding.

Instructions: ~Research your chosen topic, using websites, textbooks, patient teaching materials from clinical setting, observation in clinical setting etc.

~Include pictures in your response and must contain at least 600 words. ~Create a teaching plan on your chosen topic using patient information handouts from the facility or create a brochure with information on your topic.

~ Find two articles from a nursing or allied health journal that relates to patient education or the topic you have chosen for your teaching plan. Include the citation with any other resources you used.

~Instructor may choose one of the following options:

1.) The student may role-play the teaching session, using a student chosen by the instructor as the “parent” and the rest of the clinical group observing. 

2.) Choose one of the student’s assigned patients and deliver the teaching session. The student should invite the instructor or another student to sit in on the session.

Teaching Plan Guide:

Teaching Goals

What are the priorities? (“By the end of the teaching session, the patient will…”)

Content Outline

What will you teach? Use bullet points to organize topical information.


How will you teach the content? What modalities will you use?


Why have you chosen the teaching modalities?

Evaluation of Learning

How will you determine if the teaching/learning goals were met?

NUR4545 Parent Teaching Newborn Care Assignment RUBRIC


1 Point

0.5 Point

0 Point





Teaching Goals

What are the priorities?

Appropriate teaching goals listed for chosen topic. Plan specifies priority of goals. Teaching goals are relevant for new parents.

Teaching goals for topic not clear. Priority of goals not specified or incorrect. May or may not be relevant to new parents.

Teaching goals not listed or not relevant for new parents.

Goals not prioritized.

Content Outline

What will you teach?

Content outline in bullet points. Information presented in logical order.

Some of outline content does not follow logical pattern.

No logical order to content outline.


How will you teach the content?

What modalities will you use?

Methodology chosen is appropriate for content information to be taught.

Methodology appropriate for content information but utilized incorrectly.

Methodology not identified or inappropriate for content information.


Why have you chosen modalities?

Reason for chosen teaching modality(ies) explained.

Teaching modality identified but no rationale provided

Teaching modality not identified on plan.

Evaluation of learning.

How will you determine if teaching/learning goals were met?

Defines how the student will identify that the teaching/ learning goals were met.

Measurement of teaching/learning goals defined but not feasible

No plan of measurement to determine the teaching/ learning goals were met.


Speaker communicates with enthusiasm. Presentation is well organized and easy to follow. Language is clear and precise; good choice of descriptive words

Speaker presents teaching content with lesser degree of engagement, organization, and clarity.

Speech does not convey interest in topic. Lacking in organization. Difficult to follow teaching instructions.