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In this assessment, you will make a QI initiative proposal based on a health issue of professional interest to you. This proposal will be based on an analysis of dashboard metrics from a health care facility. You have one of two options:

Option 1

If you have access to dashboard metrics related to a QI initiative proposal of interest to you:

· Analyze data from the health care facility to identify a health care issue or an area of concern. You will need access to reports and data related to care quality and patient safety. If you work in a hospital setting, contact the quality management department to obtain the data you need.

. You will need to identify basic information about the health care setting, size, and specific type of care delivery related to the topic that you identify. You are expected to abide by standards for compliance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

Option 2

If you do not have access to a dashboard or metrics related to a QI initiative proposal:

· You may use the hospital data set provided in the 

Vila Health: Data Analysis
 media piece to identify a health care issue or an area of concern.

· You will follow the same instructions and provide the same deliverables as your peers who select Option 1.

Complete the following steps for your proposal:

· Analyze data to identify a health care issue or an area of concern as it relates to a state, national, or accreditation benchmark requirement relevant to your professional setting.

. Evaluate the quality of the data.

· Outline a QI initiative proposal based on the selected health issue or area of concern and supporting data analysis to improve identified dashboard metric. The interactive activity Designing a Quality Improvement Initiative can get you going on the first steps of a QI process and your assessment.

. Identify the target areas of improvement and outcome measures.

. Include the QI model that will be utilized.

. Specify evidence-based strategies that will be utilized.

· Integrate interprofessional perspectives and actions to lead quality improvements in patient safety, cost-effectiveness, and work-life quality.

. Specify roles and responsibilities.

· Apply effective collaboration strategies to promote QI of interprofessional care.

. Include specific communication tools.

· Deliver a persuasive, coherent, and effective audiovisual presentation. Integrate relevant sources to support arguments, correctly formatting citations and references using current APA style.

Be sure that your proposal, at minimum, addresses each of the bullet points.
You may also want to read the Data Analysis and Qualit

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Guiding Questions

Data Analysis and Quality Improvement Initiative Proposal

This document is designed to give you questions to consider and additional guidance to help you successfully complete the Data Analysis and Quality Improvement Initiative Proposal assessment. You may find it useful to use this document as a prewriting exercise, an outlining tool, or a final check to ensure you have sufficiently addressed all the grading criteria for this assessment. This document is a resource to help you complete the assessment.
Do not turn in this document as your assessment submission.

Analyze data to identify a health care issue or an area of concern.

· What data does your institution gather? (Or, what data were provided in the media piece?)

· What is the quality of the data, and what can be learned from it? What does it tell you? What is missing?

· What is an organized way of looking at different data outputs?

· What metrics indicate opportunities for quality improvement?

· What are the trends? (Existence of data does not necessarily equate to a trend.)

· What are the outcome measures? What information do you need to calculate specific rates?

· Assess the stability of processes or outcomes. Are the outcomes fairly predictable? Identify any problematic variations or performance failures.

· Include the selected data set that was analyzed in the proposal. This could be a table or chart.

Outline a quality improvement initiative proposal based on a selected health issue or area of concern and supporting data analysis.

· What benchmarks align to existing quality improvement initiatives set by local, state, or federal health care policies or laws?

· What quality initiatives currently exist (if any) related to the selected issue? Why are they insufficient?

· Identify target areas for improvement.

· Define what processes can be modified to improve outcomes. You may find it helpful to review models for quality improvement initiatives in Week 4.

· Identify evidence-based strategies to improve quality.

· Evaluate quality improvement initiatives on the selected health issue with existing quality indicators from other facilities, government agencies, and non-governmental bodies on quality improvement.

· Analyze challenges that meeting prescribed benchmarks can pose for a heath care organization and the interprofessional team.

Integrate interprofessional perspectives to lead quality improvements in patient safety, cost effectiveness, and work-life quality.

· Define interprofessional roles and responsibilities as they relate to the data and the quality improvement initiative.

· How would you m