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Nursing Leadership: Bedside Shift Report and Catheter-Associated Urinary Tract Infections

Mickey Mouse

Northern Illinois University


Practice Setting

In considering areas to begin my nursing career, I find that I am drawn to medical-

surgical float-pool nursing in an acute care hospital setting. I believe working in this setting

would be beneficial as a new graduate nurse to gain experience and continue learning with

bedside care within a diverse population of patients. Practicing nursing care with patients who

are being treated for a variety of conditions will allow me to build upon the foundational

knowledge I have gained in the classroom setting and the clinical experiences I received though

the Northern Illinois University nursing program. I believe being part of the float-pool will either

motivate me to decide on a specific area of interest to focus on, such as Cardiac. If I continue to

work within the float-pool I believe it will give me the opportunity to actively create deeper

connections between optimal patient care and outcomes to classroom lessons, clinical practice

skills and evidence-based research. I want to be able to positively impact the hospital and

patients I work with by contributing to multiple units. In my capstone clinical I had the

opportunity to float through medical-surgical units at Advocate Good Samaritan Hospital.

Working with other float nurses gave me insight on the job benefits for both the nurse, the

hospital and other healthcare professionals. I enjoy the rewarding possibilities given to the float

nurses, as scheduling seems to be more flexible, and each day the float nurse can be placed

where she is needed most to help short-staffed units or units with a higher ratio of patients than

usual requiring additional attention due to acuity.

Medical-Surgical Issues

Regardless of where the nurse is floated for the day, current literature highlights the need

to focus on subjects that continuously effect medical-surgical areas throughout hospitals such as

patient safety, patient satisfaction and infection prevention (Mitchell et al., 2018). For the


purpose of this paper, two specific issues that will be focused on include improving patient safety

and satisfaction through communication with nurse-to-nurse handoff in the form of Bedside Shift

Report (BSR) and infection prevention of Catheter

Developed by M. Cooke 11/30/17, rev 2/25/18, 7/29/18, 12/2/18, 8/9/19, 7/20/20, 8/13/21


School of Nursing

NURS 432 Processes for Nursing Leadership

Nursing Leadership Paper

Overview and Purpose:

The purpose of this assignment is to integrate the concepts and materials from this course into a final 5-6-

page paper delineating the student’s unique perspective of nursing leadership in the role and setting where

they hope to practice either now or in the future.

The assignment will encompass identifying an area and setting for practice, summarizing 2 specific issues

affecting either the role or the setting, providing a description as to what the student hopes to impact in the

role/setting, developing a personal vision for how they will contribute to improving the identified issue(s)

and describing their leadership approach using their strengths from the Strengths Finders activities.

This assignment is worth 100 points of your final grade and must be submitted via Blackboard by the date

listed on the course calendar.


1. Identify an area and setting in which you want to practice (either now or in the future).

a. Examples of area include pediatrics, infection prevention, etc.

b. Examples of setting include acute care hospital, ambulatory care, long-term care, critical

access hospital, etc.

c. Provide a description for why you want to work in this area and setting

d. Description should be brief and succinct and not more than one page.

2. Summarize 2 specific issues effecting your selected role/environment/patient population

a. Example of types of issues: reimbursement issues, regulatory issues, practice issues, safety

issues, ethical issues, risk management issues, quality improvement issues etc.

b. Describe why these are issues in your area of practice using literature to support the

rationale. Cite peer-reviewed, U.S. based literature that is not greater than 7 years old.

c. Describe the impact of the issues on patients/staff/organization using literature to support the

rationale. Cite peer-reviewed, U.S. based literature that is not greater than 7 years old.

3. Discuss how, in your role as a nurse leader, you can impact 1 of the identified issues.

a. Identify an approach to change/innovation that is evidence-based.

b. Use peer-reviewed, U.S. based literature that is not greater than 7 years old to support the


TIPS for writing the paper

– All written assignments must be typed using 12-point font with 1inch margins and comply with

current APA manual guidelines (7th edition). This includes