Topic:  Jaundice, what’s the big deal 

this is a 15 PowerPoint project. please go through the uploaded guideline for all the informations needed.

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NR327 Maternal Child Nursing

RUA: Discharge Teaching Guidelines

NR327 Discharge Teaching Guidelines Revised: May2020


The purpose of this assignment is to provide the student an opportunity to practice patient teaching using information
required through the NR327 course.

Course outcomes
This assignment enables the student to meet the following course outcomes:

CO #1: Demonstrate understanding of developmental, cognitive, psychosocial, cultural, and physiological life
processes of the woman as she progresses from the onset of menses through the childbearing period, and
concluding with menopause. (PO #1)
CO #4: Initiate use of appropriate resources based on healthcare issues mutually identified with clients and their
family units. (PO #2)
CO #5: Employ communication and therapeutic relationship skills with childbearing clients and their families during
the perinatal period in acute care and outpatient settings. (PO #3)
CO #6: Demonstrate effective clinical decision-making concerning the nursing care of perinatal clients and their
families based on critical thinking skills; legal, ethical, and professional standards and principles; and nursing
research findings. (PO #4, #6, and #8)
CO #7: Develop a plan to meet personal, professional, and educational goals, including an investigation of
healthcare organizations relevant to these clients. (PO #5)
CO #8: Provide nursing care using multiple nursing roles as appropriate to perinatal clients and their families,
recognizing the holistic approach in facilitating healing. (PO #6)

Due date
Your faculty member will inform you when this assignment is due. The Late Assignment Policy applies to this

Total points possible: 100 points

Preparing the assignment
Follow these guidelines when completing this assignment. Speak with your faculty member if you have questions.

• Students can do this project either individually or in groups. Consult with your course instructor about the size of
the groups or the number of individual projects that can be accommodated.

• As part of this project, you will select a teaching topic of your choice related to the course topics (i.e., women’s
health, newborn, maternity). Consult with faculty for approval of your selected topic.

• Complete an outline and submit to dropbox.
• Construct your project using a software tool or application you are familiar with (i.e., Google Docs, Microsoft

Word 2010 or later, PowerPoint, Prezi, or a video platform).

These guidelines apply to each individual student and should be adjusted per size of the group. (For example, an
individual would do five slides, and if there are three members in the group, the group should create a 15-slide
presentation. Similarly, a three-member group would do a 4.5–6 minute video rather than

NR327 Maternal Child Nursing

NR327 Discharge Teaching Peer Feedback Form V2.docx Revised May20 1

Discharge Teaching Peer Feedback Form

One of the most valuable contributions you can make to your fellow classmates’ learning is providing
constructive feedback. Offering another person your feedback about his or her work indicates that you care
enough about that person to spend your time considering his or her situation and that the person’s work is
worthy of your attention. This activity will also provide you the opportunity to develop essential skills of giving
and receiving feedback, with the goal of enhancing individual and class learning.

• Examine the criteria for each of the items being evaluated.

• Be objective in your evaluation and note the criteria that best meet the quality of the project.

• Indicate your score in the boxes provided.

• The peer feedback scores will be added toward the overall score for the project.

• Please include any comments and suggestions in the area provided.




Suggested but not limited to the following

• Baby Hygiene and Cord Care: How, Why, When
• Why is My Baby Crying? Soothing a Fussy Baby (Risk for Shaken Baby Syndrome)
• Circumcision Do’s and Don’ts
• When to Contact Your Pediatrician Versus Calling 911
• What Can I Do to Get My Baby to Sleep? (SIDS Safety Included)
• Jaundice, What’s the Big Deal?
• Proper Dressing for the Weather: The (Four) Seasons of Baby Appropriate
• Baby Spa (Nails, Skin Care, and Diapering)
• Engorgement: What? When? How? Why Me? When to Seek Help
• Nutrition for Me: Breast Versus Bottle-Feeding: What Does Mommy Need?
• Exercise: Not Just for the Waistline—Pelvis Too!
• When to Call the Doctor: Mommy TLC