Feed my starving children

· Download the assignment on the following page in Word format and supply your answers below each set of questions. Limit your complete assignment to 2-3 typewritten pages, not including a separate page of reference.

· You do not need a title page, but in-text citations and full reference should be in APA format.

Reflection Journal-Feed My Starving Children

You will have to utilize and cite sources to answer questions 1, 2, and 5.


Reflect on personal and professional actions based on a set of shared core nursing values.
Identify the name of the country you packed boxes for on the date and time you served at Feed My Starving Children at FMSC.

· How many boxes did your group pack during the session?

· Identify some of the social determinants of health in this country.

· How did your activity at FMSC specifically promote the health of the children in this region?

· Identify how this activity relates to one or more core nursing values (
Altruism, Autonomy, Beneficence, Justice, and


Identify professional standards of moral, ethical, and legal conduct.

Define the term “social justice.” What professional responsibility do nurses have in this regard? (Relate this to the professional standards of conduct)


Reflect on one’s personal bias.

· Do you think health care is a right for all people?

· Why or why not?


Reflect on how one’s personal bias may impact one’s ability to provide care. Recognize risks that impact personal and professional choices and behaviors.
Identify a potential bias a health care professional may have and identify how it could impact the ability to provide care to certain individuals. (This could be a care decision, an environmental risk factor, or professional expectation that influences your choice)


Demonstrate an awareness of the role of the professional nurse within organizational systems.

Identify a local, national, or international organization that addresses the needs of a medically underserved population and in which at least one RN is involved.

· Explain how this population is underserv