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Leadership Qualities

Leadership Styles/Models



I would like us to begin by looking at leadership and management which are the basis for our job here.

A good leader delivers his/her duty by influencing their teams to attain goals uncoerced and passionately. A manager, 0n the other hand, gets work done through and with others (Surbhi, 2018).

These two overlap in that good leadership always includes responsibility for managing.

Some characteristics of managers include: leadership, experience, communication, knowledge, organization, time management, reliability, delegation, confidence, and respect for employees (CCU Online, 2017). You should be able to apply all these in the healthcare setting in your respective positions.

As leaders in this healthcare facility, we also need to have some leadership qualities like: being visionary, innovative, team building, and creating positive work cultures.

These qualities are what we need to solve all the grievances that the employees raised for a better experience at Winter Valley Hospital.

There are certain differences between leadership and management. Surbhi, (2018) argues that leadership is a quality of influencing people so that objectives are attained willingly and enthusiastically. On the contrary, she views management as a discipline of managing things in the best possible manner; the art or skill of getting work done through and with others. She further states another major difference between the two that management is for formal and organized groups of people only while leadership is for both formal and informal groups. Leadership always involves (leading) a group of people while in most cases, management does not necessarily include responsibility for people but mostly for, things (Scouller & Chapman, 2020)).

Leadership is a much bigger and deeper role than management.

The characteristics which define good managers are:

Leadership- a manager must be able to lead a team in the best manner.

Experience- as a professional, you must have held several roles previously which taught you how the healthcare management works.

Communication- this involves sharing information with your juniors and seniors as well as listening to them.

Knowledge- it encompasses all learning, training, and experience acquired since you started working.

Organization- you must be able to plan well and do things in an orderly manner then you will be able to lead your teams.

Time management- the way you ma

Question Slide 7


You work as a manager at Winter Valley Hospital. Your supervisor recently came to you, as she was quite impressed with your leadership and management style. She has asked you to create a PowerPoint presentation to train some newly hired managers on your team, as there have been complaints that the new managers are not effectively managing their teams. Your supervisor asked that you review different leadership models and qualities, and explain to the managers how to effectively use these models and qualities to improve how they manage their employees. To provide some context for your training, your supervisor provided examples of some common employee complaints about their interactions with management.

Employee Complaints

· “Not everyone on the team gets the same updates on various organizational changes so we all have different information at different times.”

· “I do not receive consistent and clear feedback on my performance and am not sure what I am doing well, as well as where I can improve.”

· “I do not feel that the leadership respects me and what I do, and does not care about me as an individual.”

· “There is clearly favoritism toward specific employees, as they are provided more leniency than others, and they are given the more popular tasks.”

· “There is low morale on the team, and it is clear that many people are not feeling motivated and engaged in their work and the organization.”

· “ I do not have clearly defined job roles and duties. This has caused conflict between me and other team members, as I am depending on others to complete specific tasks that the others are not aware are their responsibilities, and they are under the assumption that these are my tasks.”

· “Not everyone on the team is as dedicated to the organization as others. Some of my peers take more time off and are less productive than other people on the team.”

· “The leadership is not leading by example, as they direct us to take specific actions and then do not follow these actions themselves.”

Explain how managers at Winter Valley Hospital can use specific leadership styles/models to improve the management of their employees and address specific employee complaints

Identify 2-3 employee complaints from the project guidelines and explain how the identified leadership style and model is applicable to address each complaint.

Please include your employee compliants and how you can address them with the leadership styles/models on slide 7.

Please highlight the area changed.