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What Drives Healthcare Spending in the United States Compared to Other Countries






What Drives Healthcare Spending in the United States Compared to Other Countries


Healthcare in the United States has been associated with multiple problems. These include rising costs and decreasing quality. Globally, American healthcare is the most expensive compared to other counties. In 2019, the healthcare expenditure in the United States was approximately $3.8trilion, and more than 4.1 trillion dollars in 2020. This paper will discuss the factors influencing health spending in the United States, the effects of health costs on the US population, and the reasons for low healthcare spending in other Asian countries. The government’s actions in lowering the healthcare cost/ insurance and the effects of lowering healthcare on quality shall also be discussed in the paper.

Factors influencing health spending in the United States

The healthcare services in the United States are very expensive, and these high costs reduce access by low-income earning populations in the states. The unaffordable costs of healthcare services have led to increased cases of mortalities among the American population. The Journal of the American Association (JAMA) study revealed a 50% contribution from health services intensity and prices (New Study Explains Why US Health Care Spending Increased $1 Trillion, 2017). The journal stated some reasons to increase expenses, such as the increasing United States population and the increase in the aging population.

Population growth

The rising population results in increased expenses on healthcare services and funds. The growing population requires increased end extensive healthcare service provision, thus stretching the healthcare resources and services. This results in excessive spending and rising costs in healthcare services. The increase in population size in the United States resulted in an increase in healthcare spending by 23% (Dieleman et al., 2017). The higher the population, the higher the utilization of the various healthcare services.

Increase in the aging population

The rise in the older/ aging population results in increased demand for specialized care. This is due to the terminal and chronic illnesses associated with old age and palliative care needs by geriatric individuals. This increased spending by 12%, increasing service intensity and prices. In addition, the increased variety and complexity of services provided in the healthcare system resulted in increased expenditure by 50%. As a result, the rise in services in the h

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1) How is performance of the topic you researched specifically influenced by the health care organization, health care financing, and behavior of key stakeholders?

2) What should be changed with regard to this aspect to achieve improved performance within your selected area(s) of cost, quality, and/or access? Note at least one policy and one delivery system that would need to be reformed.

3) What are your expected implications for these changes? Who would be impacted by the results of this change? How would they be impacted?

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