Free write # 3 regarding family in crisis or trauma experience

NURS 362 Summer 2022


Family Topic

Assigned Content/Readings

Thought/Discussion Topic

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Module 1

Week 1

May 16


Background Understandings of Family and Societal Care

George Maverick audio

Watch the three video clips in order:

Video 1: Brief with Family Focus

Video 2: Simulation with Family Focus

Video 3: Simulation without Familiy Focus

Kaakinen*, Coehlo, Steele, & Robinson (2018) Ch. 1

Denham*, Eggenberger, Young, & Krumwiede (2015) Ch. 1 & 12

Bell (2011)

*Reading list will just use first author name

Individual, Family and Societal Care

Foundations for Thinking Family

Look for posted orientation video on D2L explaining basics of course syllabus, calendar, and assignments. Please ask if further questions after listening and reading documents thoroughly. Thanks!

Free Write #1 regarding healthy families due

May 22nd

Group Discussion in D2L – Week 1

For each week, your initial posting is due by 11:59 p.m. on Wednesday and 2 responses to your peers by 11:59 p.m. on Sunday. Remember to include citations and references to support your comments.

1. Introduction Thread – Help your classmates to get to know you as a person, nurse, and family member. Share aspects of yourself in a posting–For example, Tell us about your family of origin. Tell us about your current family (remember that if you do not have biologic members present in your life, friends as family may apply to you. Pictures of you and your family? What is the work of family? What are your future family goals? What piques your interest in this course and family focused nursing care?

2. Reflect on an illness experience in your own family or a family you know. Describe the struggles the family experienced with the illness. Consider the biological, social, psychological, or spiritual factors that influenced the management and coping of the family. Based on your experience pose a nursing approach that may have been helpful to the family. Use your readings to support your analysis and response.

3. What is your definition of family and family health?

4. Describe your family health experience utilizing the 3 family health domains (contextual, functional, and structural).

5. Describe your family’s health routines. Identify some barriers or challenges for families not developing or maintaining health routines

6. To introduce family nursi

Rubric for Family Free Writes Brainstorm

40 points total


Total possible

Total gained

Completion of all 4 topics


Application literature/citations


Relevance to principles of family nursing


Writing clarity and care


Insight and creativity


Guidelines for the Family Free Writes and Brainstorm

From our course syllabus:

Early in the course, each student will write a 2-page open write on each of the following four topics:

1. Healthy Families

2. Family during Acute Care Experience

3. Family in Crisis or Trauma

4. Chronic Illness Experience

The free write is not an edited piece of work, but you must use one outside source. Please write down your thoughts, insights, stories, cases, examples, experiences and whatever comes to mind for that particular topic. I also encourage you to use the course competencies for thematic elements to your writing. Please upload the paper into the discussion thread posted for that purpose. Please read and respond to one student in your group when ideas are interesting and relate what you have learned from them. These are amazing and I am not satisfied to be the only one reading them! Thanks.

This free write is meant to help you access your deepest and most powerful feelings about family, as well as building on your past and your developing knowledge of family: academically, professionally, and personally.

The 2-page free write on healthy families, (for example, there are four categories) may include ideas gleaned from your text, stories from your childhood, something you read in the newspaper, a novel or poem, or an interaction you witnessed in the grocery story. The objective of the free write is to help you decide what most interests you in family health nursing and what literature you might use for your annotated bibliography and your final research work with a family. Examination of the course topics will organize your thoughts and focus your ideas on the desired outcomes of the learning you are doing.

As stated in the syllabus, this is not an edited piece of work. This material is rich in image, story and insight. The free write is meant in part to get in touch with this material. Thoughts from your readings may also be included and will spark new ideas unique to you. Use at least two references in your work for full points.

Please post your writing to the group discussion link under Family Free Write Brainstorm as indicated. Everyone in your group should have one response to the free write, though no references are necessary for your response.