I need help to fix my DNP 10 Strategic Points. I have attached my original with the Professor’s feedback for what needs to be corrected in it. Please see my school’s Template attached and another one that is already completed by another student to use to update mine.

Vera Uzoma

Grand Canyon University

DNP-830A: Data Analysis

Dr. J. Schlickau

October 6, 2022

10 Strategic Points Document for a Quality Improvement Project

Ten Strategic Points

The 10 Strategic Points

Title of Project

Title of Project

Using continuous glucose monitoring to monitor blood glucose in adult patients with type II diabetes


Theoretical Foundation

Literature Synthesis

Practice Change Recommendation

Background to Chosen Evidence-Based Intervention:

List the primary points for six sections

i. Background of the practice problem/gap at the project site

Several chronic conditions negatively impact the lives of patients. Among such conditions is diabetes. Diabetes causes numerous other complications, such as kidney disease, heart disease, and stroke (Skinner et al., 2020). The other concern about diabetes is that it affects millions of people, making them unable to live normal lives. The implication is that various researchers and stakeholders have, in the past and present, been pursuing effective ways or strategies to better manage diabetes. Non-the less, diabetes is still among the most prevalent chronic conditions (Khan et al., 2019). According to Khan et al. (2019) the diabetes global prevalence among the adult population is as high as 9%. The interventions currently in use among patients living with diabetes majorly focus on helping patients attain better healthcare outcomes, such as better glycemic control and keeping in check the risky lifestyle behaviors that may hinder the control and management of the condition (Maiorino et al., 2020). Even though effective interventions should be applied, the management strategies used in the practice site have not achieved the desired results as most of the patients fail to achieve the required HbA1c levels. Indeed, uncontrolled levels of HbA1c have been connected to myocardial infarction and stroke disease (Azhar et al., 2022). It hurts to use an invasive glucometer. The discomfort is the same even if the needle is very small. Some individuals may be able to adjust to it and tolerate it, but for others, it may be too much to handle, leading to the issue of non-compliance. The patient’s ability to regulate their blood sugar may suffer as a result, leading to bouts of hyperglycemia and hypoglycemia The risk of diabetic complications is increased by noncompliance, making it a potentially life-threatening issue, hence the need to have a differe

The 10 Strategic Points for the Prospectus and Direct Practice Improvement Project


In the Direct Practice Improvement (DPI) Project, there are
10 key or strategic points that need to be
clear, simple, correct, and aligned to ensure the project is
doable, valuable, and credible. These points, which provide a guide or vision for the project. The 10 Strategic Points are defined within this document and a template provided. The ten strategic points are developed in a table format, as noted below.

The Process for Defining the 10 Strategic Points

The order of the 10 Strategic points listed below reflects the order in which the learner completes the work product. The first five strategic points focus primarily on defining the purpose or focus for the project based on a clearly defined need or gap from the project site.

Criteria for Evaluating the 10 Strategic Points: Clear, Simple, Correct, and Aligned

When developing a project, it is important to define the 10 Strategic points, so they are
clear, and
correct in order to ensure that anyone who reviews them will easily understand the quality improvement project. It is important to
all of the 10 Strategic points to ensure it will be possible to conduct and complete the project.

Developing the 10 Strategic Points document begins in DNP-815A begins as a three-page document that can help ensure clarity, simplicity, correctness, and alignment of each of these 10 Strategic Points in the Direct Practice Improvement Project. This document is integral to learner success in the project courses. Therefore constant updates should be made through each course as you develop the project. Please see the table below regarding the development of the citation requirements expected per course.


Minimal number of articles


Begin collecting original research to support the evidence-based practice intervention found in the research or clinical practice guidelines.

MUST have 2 original research articles from the USA (or Canada if Canadian student) to support the intervention within five years of your graduation date.


Must have a total of 5 original research articles:

MUST have 2 original research articles from the USA (or Canada if Canadian student)to support the intervention within five years of your graduation date. Other 3 research articles may be added from US, Canada, UK, Denmark, India, New Zealand, Germany,