Develop a teaching plan based on an assigned scenario, case, or client interview. Determine what elements you would include in your assessment of the learner. Identify anticipated or expected learner needs. Select and prioritize evidence based teaching strategies that would best meet the needs of the learner. Describe the resources you would provide to enhance learning. Explain methods that would be used to evaluate learning outcomes. Provide rationales for elements of your teaching plan supported by references from the required course reading assignments. Use the teaching plan format assigned. 

(no more than 3 pages). APA Style (instructions for rationale attached)

Learners Needs Assessment

12 pts

Meets Expectations

Includes a comprehensive assessment of the learner’s needs using an established tool supported by evidence based research.

Learning style

12 pts

Meets Expectations

Includes a comprehensive discussion of the learner’s style with references to evidence based research

Readiness of the Learner

12 pts

Meets Expectations

Includes a comprehensive assessment of the readiness of the Learner with reference to evidence based research.

Goal Development

12 pts

Meets Expectations

Develops a clear and comprehensive learning goal based on needs assessment data to formulate a teaching plan.

Learning Outcomes

12 pts

Meets Expectations

Utilizes Bloom’s taxonomy of learning domains to formulate at least three (3) clear and appropriate learning outcomes.

This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeTeaching Content

12 pts

Meets Expectations

Identifies appropriate teaching content based on the learner’s needs and supports it with evidence based research.

This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeInstructional Methods

12 pts

Meets Expectations

Utilized comprehensive instructional methods as determined by principles of adult learning.

Time and Resources

12 pts

Meets Expectations

Allocated time and resources appropriately to meet all learning outcomes.


12 pts

Meets Expectations

Utilized 2 measureable evaluation methods derived from learning outcomes.

Written Component, References, APA format

12 pts

Meets Expectations

Includes at least four (4) references, only one is a textbook. All references from reputable sourc

Running head: TEACHING PLAN 1

John Doe

West Coast University N110

May 15, 2020

Running head: TEACHING PLAN 2


Ms. Maria Ramirez is a 59-year-old female that was admitted to the hospital after found

home unresponsive and unarousable. She was diagnosed with DKA, patient was not aware she

was diabetic and will need extensive education before discharge and follow up with home health

because of a non healing wound to her left foot.


The patient is 5”2” and weights 163 pounds, she lives home with her only son age 36

who works all day and comes home late. She lives in an apartment building in the 3rd floor and

often takes the stairs because the elevators don’t work. She admits that she has not visited a PCP

in the last couple of years due to her economic circumstances. She has a history of HTN and

hyperlipidemia and currently is not compliant with medications. Maria has been unemployed due

to her inability to perform activities for a long period of time. She mentioned she becomes SOB

when performing minimal activity like walking or standing too long. Lives a sedentary lifestyle

and poor nutrition over the last years.

Needs Assessment

Maria is very anxious regarding her current diagnosis and is afraid that if she continues

with her lifestyle, she will develop certain complications. Upon admission to the hospital a

consult with a diabetic specialist, endocrinologist (Levine,2015) and physicians were arranged.

The patient would have to be evaluated with PT in order to better understand the endurance with

physical activity. Social worker has been consulted to assist patient with medical coverage

through a charity program because patient stated monetary problems increased her anxiety.

Patient will also be sent home with home health that would provide wound care to the non-

Running head: TEACHING PLAN 3

healing wound due to her diabetes. Maria will ne educated while in the hospital on the severity of

her diagnosis and the importance to learn how to self-administer and measure insulin. Ms.

Ramirez will be educated to check blood glucose level