1. Download the NR393 Course Project Phase 2: Conversation with the  Selected Nurse Template (under Template below). This contains all areas  to be addressed and the required questions you are to ask your Selected  Nurse.
  2. View the Phase 2: Conversation with the Selected Nurse Tutorial (Links to an external site.) 
  3. Conduct the Phase 2: Conversation with the Selected Nurse after receiving approval from your instructor in the Gradebook for your Phase 1: Selected Nurse Information. The conversation will occur between Saturday of Week 2 or during Week 3 after instructor approval is documented. 
    • The Conversation may take place face to face or via phone or video  chat. You may NOT provide the questions to the nurse and ask the nurse  to provide written or typed answers.
    • You may use audio, audio/video, or typed format (on the template) to  record and submit the Phase 2: Conversation with the Selected Nurse. Use the format you agreed to in Phase 1. There is no advantage to using any one format. Grading will be the same (see rubric below) regardless of the format selected. 
      • NOTE: Recordings must be 20 minutes or shorter. 
      • Only one file may be submitted and must include all rubric areas. 
    • Obtain permission from the Selected Nurse to participate in the  Conversation by reading the statement provided on the Template for this  purpose (Selected Nurse must agree).
    • Clearly explain to the Selected Nurse that statements made in the  Conversation will be recorded (audio, video, and/or written as  transcript on template) and submitted to the instructor. The  Conversation is not intended for public access.
    • Questions and topics for the Phase 2: Conversation with the Selected  Nurse are provided for you on the required Template; these are the  questions that must be included in the Conversation. Please notice that  you will state the question/topic, the Selected Nurse will answer, and  then you will add your own answer to that question/topic. This is not a  traditional interview, but instead is a Conversation with sharing of  memories and ideas related to the questions and topics. You may ask up  to three additional questions if you like, but these are not scored.
    • At the close of the conversation, make a clear and detailed  statement of gratitude for the Selected Nurse’s time and sharing in this  Conversation (Note: A simple “thank you” is not sufficient.)
    • Write a summary of the content of the Conversation.  Be clear and thorough.  
  4. Submit Phase 2 assignment via Canvas by due date.


NR393 Course Project Phase 2 Template: Conversation with the Selected Nurse [Download here (Links to an external site.)]

NR393 Course Project Phase 1:

Selected Nurse Information Template

Student Name: Maria Perez

Date: 09/05/2021

Directions: Answer the following areas and questions below using details to address criteria/content. Review your rubric to ensure you answer each area.

1. Name, Credentials, Email, and Phone Number of Selected Nurse (25 points)

Name: Ayxalis Rios

Credentials: RN

Email Address: [email protected]

Phone Number: 3055058728

2. Years Selected Nurse Has Been an RN and practice areas (15 points)

How many years has your selected nurse been an RN?

The RN has been a registered nurse since 2010. Therefore, she has been practicing for 12 years.

What areas of practice has this nurse worked?

The RN has worked in different areas of practice: perioperative, midwifery, critical care, anesthesia. The nurse has also been a nurse educator for a while.

3. How long have you known this RN and how did you meet? Include details for each answer. (25 points)

How long have you known your selected RN?

I have known the nurse for five years now.

How did you meet?

I met the RN when I visited her workplace as a patient. She moved me by the ways she attended other patents and I, with a lot of care and courtesy. Since I was passionate about nursing, I knew this was a person to watch and establish a relationship. On my next visit to the facility, I had a chat with her at a more personal level. She shed light to me about nursing and with time, we became friends.

4. Why did you select this RN? How do you think this RN is making history? Include details for each answer. (40 points)

Why did you select this RN?

I selected this RN because from the first time, she depicted a caring and passionate professional type of a person. Her love for her work is admirable. This is a nurse who would choose work over personal life. Every time I chat with her, I can see the dedication she has towards her work through the eyes and voice. I also see her uniqueness because of the time she dedicates to reading nursing literature so that she can improve her performance.

How do you think your selected RN is making history?

The nurse is making history by dedicating a significant amount of time to deliver healthcare services to the community. The nurse is also a champion of evidence-based practice, always challenging colleagues to implement evidence-based healthcare. Most importantly, he nurse spreads love, especially for the critically ill patients who needs something more than professional